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Hollywood’s Most Fattening Movies

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You Dare To Watch Them, Get Ready To Go Fat!!!

So, if you are a weight-watcher addicted to some DVD marathon-spree, make sure you try your best to get rid of the following Hollywood food movies that will definitely contribute piling up a few pounds, even if you don’t want to! Coz last time I remember going crazy of making and eating chocolate dishes, after watching the movie Chocolat…I still find it hard to resist the though of licking the hot chocolate, when Juliette Binoche was actually stirring hot chocolate in the vessel… Sooo yummy it was!

So here is the list of movies about food from Hollywood you would want keep yourself away from, not coz they are bad, but for your body-sake.

If Southern cooking is one of your favorites, I believe, you would definitely end up fat after watching the movies Soul Food. The appetizingly inviting Southern fare in the movies is so mouthwateringly delicious.

Waitress, yet another sinful movie, which will definitely want to reach for a couple and more of pies, the following days. You make it, you eat it… being selfish is yet another side of it! :)

The cross-over movie, Monsoon Wedding, along with its highly colorful Asian setting has a lot of delicacies like kebabs, sweets etc, that would sure leave you drooling. Who knows, the very next move you might take is to log on to some recipe website and get hold of one easy-to-make kebab recipes! Watch out!

Babette’s Feast; now this unlike the rest, has a wonderful collection of offbeat delicacies that are simply too irresistible to give a try.

Yin shi nan nu, which is translated as Eat Drink Man Woman, lives up to its name that you truly end up eating and drinking after watching the movie. With the lead role being a senior chef, there is nothing more than lots of delicious dishes you can expect here.

So, that’s all what comes to my mind as of no, but, you better watch out!

Also, do you have a favorite food-movie?

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Hollywood’s Most Fattening Movies