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Ratatouille Wine by Disney - Animate yourself

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Walt Disney Co. plans to sell a "Ratatouille" wine as part of its marketing plan for its new feature animated film starring a gourmet rat, the Los Angeles Times reported June 29.

Disney has faced a challenge in marketing the film, which has a strange name, an unusual premise (a rat who loves gourmet food), and a lead character that doesn't lend itself to cuddly stuffed animals. In response, the company is looking for other ways to capitalize on the film's success.

Much of this alternative merchandizing centers on food, such as branded kitchen utensils and tableware. The Ratatouille branded French chardonnay will be sold only at Costco stores, at $12.99 per bottle. The wine goes on sale in August.

Despite being named for an animated cartoon character from a kid's film, Disney officials say the wine is part of a broader strategy to create more products that appeal to adults. "Everyone knows that wine is for adults and that Pixar movies have a very wide reach that includes adults," said Gary Foster, a spokesperson for the Disney consumer-products division. 

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...not a bad offer !
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Actually it is funny as the worst thing you can say about a wine is it has 'veg nose'.  LOL  I mean ratatouille is a dish of eggplants, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, garlic, and Herbes de Provence and I sure as heck don't want that in my wine glass, oh smell this the armoa of Rattatouille? LOL Now I have tasted garlic wine (made in Gilroy the Garlic capital) but that can be used for  cooking  just seems weird to drink.  I think their marketing folks might have been drinking ratatouille martinis when they dreamed this up.  Pixar is in Emeryville and one of the best Vodka producers (Hangar 1) is just down the road.
Ratatouille Wine By Disney - Animate Yourself