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Met-Rx Review - A Valuable Addition to Exercise Regimen

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If you are eager to read Met-Rx reviews then you are at the right place.




Met- Rx is a range of nutrition products marketed by the company of same name. The company was founded in 1991 and it aimed at providing nutrition to people involved in sports. These products triggered the trend of meal replacement powders and have successfully spearheaded the revolution since then.


Met-RX products are today marketed worldwide, and they claim to impart all necessary nutrients required for maintaining favorable levels of fitness.  By visiting the Met-Rx site you can also find information about some special supplements other than the regular sports nutrients. You can choose from nutrition supplements aimed at bodybuilders, athletes, college students and weight loss hopefuls.


Met-Rx attracts newbie’s to their site by offering the free training video downloads and attract their attention with some impressive athlete profiles who have benefited from the Met –Rx.  You can visit their site from time to time and get an overview of upcoming events. The main purpose of the site is still selling nutritional products for improving energy, muscle strength and power, weight gain, muscle building, etc. Also, you can purchase some fitness accessories on visiting the site.



The range of ingredients in all of the Met-Rx products varies depending on its purpose. Actually each set of the Met-Rx products have different set of ingredients. The ingredients and  their nutritional facts can be confirmed from the online store where the products are sold.


Product Features

Most of the Met-Rx products are marketed as drink mixes (read powders to combine with drinks). Going by the user reviews it can be judged that these powders are extremely tasty. As, taste is not an important thing what really matters are the nutritional ratios.

Since Met-Rx has been offering meal replacements powders since their inception but there has been very little change in formulas. But over the time more and more supplements were added to the line. The powders offer nutrition to everyone, and this means anyone can easily chomp in large number of calories. Today you can choose from large number of products available online and grab best deals too.  

Met-Rx have also started to cater to demands of the common people. Off late they have started to produce protein bars for common people. The user reviews suggest that these products are high in sugars and also taste bland in comparison to meal replacement powders.  In short the Met-Rx products are good and reliable too, but you can get better supplements.




  • Met-Rx offers impressive line of nutritional products.
  • The ingredients used in the formulation of the supplement meets required control standards.



  • Met-Rx products are high in sugars and also lead to unhealthy weight gain.
  • Met-Rx products are alleged to be very expensive in comparison to other similar natured products.
  • Some of the best-selling Met-Rx products are formulated with lots of ingredients which add to weight.



The Met-Rx products are regularly used for bodybuilding and are also considered as valuable addition to exercise regimen.

Unfortunately, if you are looking out for something with weight loss benefits then Met-Rx won’t help you in any way.  But if you want to gain good weight then its better to look out for products offered by Met-Rx. 


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Met-Rx Review - A Valuable Addition To Exercise Regimen