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A Foodie Take On No Reservations No Reservations


No Reservations

A Foodie Take On No Reservations – Ok, here goes. Though, this movie comes under the category of 'romance', it is not filled with mush. It has a certain no nonsense mood throughout. Maybe because the story revolves around Kate, a no nonsense chef who is a genius in the kitchen, but has no life outside it... She makes such brilliant dishes and does not take criticism of her dishes. She can co-ordinate 40 dishes at the same time, but has no direction in life other than cooking. Then her life changes when she becomes the guardian of Zoe, her niece, who’s just lost her mother. So what does No Reservations have in store for the foodie who came in with no reservations? The movie slowly starts to warm up, especially with the arrival of another chef Nick and finally plates up to a satisfactory ending.


No Reservations is based on the original screenplay 'Mostly Martha' by Sara Nettelbeck. Catherine Zeta Jones plays the character of Kate in the movie and she had to work at Fiamma Osteria in New York, as a server to prepare herself for her role in No Reservations. The movie starts with Zoe describing many ways to prepare quail while her therapist listens to the food porn that comes out of her mouth. With the arrival of Zoe and Nick, the food in the movie keeps varying from gourmet dishes and home style cooking. Toward the end, we see Nick and Zoe make some mouthwatering homemade pizzas. Mostly because Nick's strength lies in cooking Italian dishes while Kate specializes in French cuisine.


One of the best moments in the movie is the 'Identify-the-flavors-while-being-blindfolded' kiss. Which girl wouldn't want to be kissed like that?! Especially when it tastes like cognac, white wine, celery, leek, and shallots . To a foodie, that onscreen kiss is as good as the famous upside down kiss from Spider-man I. It is a foodie delight, alright. Another interesting thing is Nick sporting orange crocs like how Chef Mario Batali does in real life. Critics are left to wonder if that move was a deliberate one by the director. Interestingly, Scott Hicks who is the movie's director is also a wine-maker. In the first thirty minutes of the movie, we hear the Dolcetto wine being mentioned. And incidentally, this red wine comes from Hicks' from Adelaide Hills in Australia, which is his hometown.


No Reservations ends on a liberating note. Kate and Nick set out and start their own restaurant where they start cooking what pleases their hearts and not because it is on the menu. Always cook from the heart and hearth.... perhaps that is what the movie conveys in the end.


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A Foodie Take On No Reservations No Reservations