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Oscar-Nominated Movies Get The Nachos Treatment

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The Oscar nominated movies get nachos treatment. It’s true. Can you believe it? The posters that received a makeover with nacho themes are floating around with nachos incorporated into every one of them raising a few chuckles and publicizing nachos in the process. Oscar’s and nachos go together in a rib-tickling way.


Who’s behind this? A combined effort from Bradley Werner of Art Kick Ass and Tasteless Wisdom have combined their imaginations and let loose their nacho obsessed creativity to bring out these posters. The Oscars have come and gone but their posters with the nacho themes will stay on.


The International day of nachos falls on October 21st and the nacho crazy population combines their nacho fetish to popularize it all over the world. The ‘Album Nachos’ is popular with music album covers and celebrities shown enjoying nachos. Would they really appreciate this transformation is not known but the nacho crazy people certainly will appreciate the humor and the publicity it is receiving.


The nacho blog site started with Lee. M. Frank, the managing editor of who could not stop talking about nachos. So he decided to blog about them and soon enough was joined by his friends.

Now the Oscar’s are the target for the spoof. Several Oscar movie covers got a hilarious nacho makeover. Here are some of them:

-Toy Nachos 3 with Woody and Buzz clutching cheese-covered tortilla chips in the Nacho heist.

-True Grit is now True nachos with Jeff bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin.

-The King’s speech is the King’s Nachos. A film that makes your spirits soar with a rare combination of triumphant artistry and nacho cheese.

-Inception became In-nachos from the director of the Nacho Knight.

-The Fighter’s nachos now are based on a Mexican appetizer.

-Black swan nachos have Natlie Portman’s eyes having fiery jalapenos

-‘Kids are really nachos’ which says Nic and Jules had their perfect family until their kids turned into nachos

-James Franco in 127 Orders, instead of 127 hours with ‘Eat nachos. Be Boulder’ slogan.

- A ‘few nachos’ says you don’t gain 300 lbs without eating a few nachos.


The fun never stops for the nacho obsessed team whose creativity extended to Oscars nominations getting the nacho treatment.


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Oscar-Nominated Movies Get The Nachos Treatment