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Interesting Movie & Beer Pairings For You To Choose & Enjoy

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So you have plans for an evening in with the guys. Read on to know the list of interesting movie & beer pairings for you to choose & enjoy. You certainly do not want to serve the wrong beer with the wrong movie, do you? The right movie & beer pairings would let you get the best out of the evening. Enjoy the cult, classic movies with the most appropriate beer to set the mood right.


Best Movie & Beer Pairings That Can Give You An Awesome Movie Watching Experience


Pairing movies with beer is fun since beer is a drink with a lot of character. The various types available makes it the right choice to drink while watching your favorite classic movie and chilling out with the guys. So, here goes the list of some of the best movie & beer pairings that can add to the effect of the movie and the drink.


  1. The Godfather – Italian Artisanal Beer

    Nothing can capture this cult classic film other than the Italian artisanal. The classic movie with its Italian undercurrent on how Italians make it in America still has a wide loyal following. The artisanal with its aggressive nature is apt for this film.

  2. Citizen Kane – 2001-2003 Anchor Old Foghorn

    What better way to honor citizen Kane than with the aged barley wine. Just like the beer, this movie improves with age. Pairing of movies with beer do not get better than Kane and Foghorn.

  3. The Silence of the Lambs – Victory Hop Devil

    Lets get wicked and gory with the awesome thriller and the equally devilish Hoppy beer. Sip away and watch the devil play into your minds and your drink. This is certainly one of the best movie & beer pairings that you certainly do not want to miss.

  4. Annie Hall – Brown Ale / Sixpoint Sweet Action

    Enjoy this feel good movie with fussy dialogues in company of a great beer from the very city the film revolves around – NYC.

  5. Fight Club – 3 Floyd's Alpha King

    Get the boys together and beat the crap out with this amazing, thrilling movie and the perfect beer that belongs to the brewing renaissance. Get punched in the palate with this movie & beer pairings.


Sit back and enjoy the evenings with your choice from among these pairing of movies with beer suggestions!




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Interesting Movie & Beer Pairings For You To Choose & Enjoy