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Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead and Great Calorie Tools

fat sick and nearly dead

If the unrivaled Walter Hudson of yesterday had a glimpse of “Fat, sick, nearly dead and great calorie tools”, the weight loss movie would have been inspiration enough for him to battle his bulge.

The documentary film revolves around Joe Cross who weighs more than 100 pounds and is dismayed by his obesity when all avenues of science and medicine fail to give him a steadfast solution. The autoimmune disorder he suffers from and the loads of steroids under medical prescription with no breakthrough, through his flab  drives Joe close to the edge – reflecting on a man weighing 310 pounds with a gut the size of a beach ball, and other horrendous overweighed prospects, where he feels plunged into darkness with no ray of hope at all. Then one day like a streak of lighting he resorts to look for channels within his own system that would help him heal. For the mountainous dieting regimen featured in the weight-loss movie, Joe switches over to the self-healing mode, working on the body’s ability to heal itself.

So, “Fat, sick, nearly dead and great calorie tools” takes you on a 3000-mile journey with Joe Cross on the road- where the only means of sustenance for the  self-programmer is fresh fruit and fresh vegetable juice in tow for a 60-day period.During his journey he meets and talks with more than 200 Americans, about health, living, longevity and one which it sustains it all -food. He imparts and learns reaching a milestone at each stage. His stop at Arizona takes him to another person – a truck driver named Phil, with the same problem, weighing 429 pounds, excessively overweight, and in the abyss of hopelessness as Joe was earlier. But then Joe’s mission to take to the natural course of healing when science had given up, inspires Phil to join him in the journey to regain  health.

The weight-loss movie “Fat sick, nearly dead and great calorie tools” has presented documentary in a completely novel frame challenging conventions, and the story behind the documentary is very moving drawing you to "the grit to grind one’s grain with all the muscle" one has. Not to mention when Joe and Phil get on their mission for weight-loss, the connotation is about human connection and how it can join hands to give a booster for a common goal – but then the power to heal lies within – a gospel truth which we all fail to realize in today’s overcrowded space, where we only tend to seek the tangible and lean on the same.

Why a weight-loss movie?

In America, obesity is a major cause of death taking a toll on people of all age-groups. It is also a bad precedent for most of the lifestyle-related disorders.  As the film documentary “Fat, Sick nearly dead and great calorie tools” highlights the binging on junk food compromising on health, with the result of  resorting to medical help, the drugs, and its side-effects and then a counter-drug to combat the side –effects - with a result of  throwing the victim into a vicious circle. Being health conscious is a better option than later buckling up for a weight-loss program. And the commendable weight-loss movie simply weighs that in!

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Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead And Great Calorie Tools