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Get A Free Drink At Sepia With 'The Dilemma'

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Food and movies have always gone hand in hand. A free drink at Sepia, the famous restaurant located in Chicago might not have been on your mind until now. However, you are perfectly eligible of getting a free drink at Sepia once you happen to the catch a show of the movie, 'The Dilemma'. The comedy starring a host of actors reputed for their theatrical skills will give you the advantage of obtaining a free drink at Sepia as well making it a double bonanza for all you movie buffs out there. But do you really need to do something special in order to get a free drink at Sepia with 'The Dilemma'? Let’s find out…


Jennifer Connelly, Queen Latifah along with the stars Kevin James and Vince Vaughn have gone all out to woo their audiences especially the residents of Chicago this time. The scenes filmed in and around Chicago are expected to keep the citizens happy along with a free drink at Sepia no doubt, but it is the foodies who are likely to be tickled pink when they watch their favorite restaurant Sepia feature in 'The Dilemma'. Trooping into the eatery after watching the story unfold on screen and getting a free drink at Sepia is likely to give the film a well deserved boost as well.


The Sepia retains its name in the film where Jennifer Connelly holds the roost as its owner. The idea of getting a feel of the place along with a free drink at Sepia post watching the film is likely to bring in the audience.  The crook played by Andrew Zimmerman, a chef of Sepia in real life is another interesting fact which is likely to get the foodies in armed with the stub of their movie ticket for their free drink at Sepia.


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Get A Free Drink At Sepia With 'The Dilemma'