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The Food Secret Behind Eat, Pray & Love

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Julia Roberts was ecstatic about her role in the well promoted film ‘Eat, Pray  & Love’ as were her fans worldwide. However, it was the food stylist who made waves on the Internet by revealing the  food secret behind Eat, Pray & Love.  Since eating is part of the movie, the food needed to look tempting enough so that the public would find it all ‘good enough to eat’ ! Food designing for movies is not a child’s play either reveals eminent food stylist Susan Spungen, the hand that wielded the food secret behind Eat, Pray & Love.


She can certainly be considered an old hand when it comes to food having worked as a food editor for the ‘Martha Stewart Living magazine’ for twelve long years. Food designing for movies is not completely new to her either. She had effectively managed to style the food showcased in ‘It's Complicated’ as well as ‘Julie and Julia’.  



One of the biggest challenges of food designing for movies is to keep it looking perfect and fresh for every take and retake maintains Spungen. While the re-takes mean the actor having to eat the food over and over again, it is the stylist who has to put in long hours of work in order to keep the food looking good and mouth watering. A relatively common problem in such circumstances can be over indulgence by the actor in question, revealed Spungen.  One of the main responsibilities of the stylist during food designing for movies is to check and see that the food is not inordinately heavy or laden with spices. A small piece of parsley or an innocuous tid-bit getting stuck in the mouth or teeth of the actor can mar the good looks which can then delay the shooting for hours altogether. 



Eating pizza in a particular location of Naples ensued new challenges for Spungen  who found juggling the timing and logistics particularly difficult.  She also admits to having a tough time getting the gelato to melt while cooking at strange locations all over Italy. Her assistant had to zip around the town more than once in order to get the right kind of prosciutto that Julia Roberts happened to eat in the movie.


Getting the right color as well as the right texture is always a difficult task while you are doing the food designing for movies feels the stylist. No more movies for her right now, though discloses Spungen, she would like to stick to commercials awhile now.  


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The Food Secret Behind Eat, Pray & Love