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Top Ten Movies Featuring Wine

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Have you ever noticed any of your favorite movie stars holding wine in the movie? Well, when we watch movies, we very rarely think of these things. But, I have somehow managed to compose a list of top ten movies featuring wine. Mostly, we see villains going illegal and drinking wine. The heroes either don’t drink just because of the fact that they are heroes, or they simply sip mild liquor like scotch, bourbon, or whiskey. The countdown for top ten movies featuring wine begins…

Top Ten Movies Featuring Wine

10. The Silence of the Lambs

At number 10, we have “The Silence of the Lambs”. Although, we never get to see Hannibal Lecter drinking wine in the movie, there are certain other people who have actually matched fava beans with nice Chianti. The film grabbed the 25th spot in the American film institute’s official list of 400 greatest movie quotes.

9. The Godfather

It’s is impossible to make a movie on the Italian mafia without featuring wine in action. The movie makes this pretentious drink fun and enjoyable. Wine was playing second lead in the movie right after Brando. You can enjoy the best glimpse of wine in scene where the daughter was getting married and in the party, and lastly where the Don is speaking on his love for wines.

8. The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is definitely one of the most popular Hollywood movies ever. I can have half of the earth speaking the popular movie quotes. And, how can we forget the scene where The Man in Black and Vezinni takes a goblet of wine for delivering a fictitious, but famous poison – Iocaine powder. Go, watch the movie again and mark the fun appearance of wine!

7. Arsenic and Old Lace

Cary Grant is known for giving the audience some of the most classic comedies of all times. Arsenic and Old Lace is surely one of those sweetest comedies. You will love watching two elderly aunts turning into the sweetest murderers of all times. The movie explicitly uses wine as the tool for poisoning the lonely old men and burying them in the cellar afterwards. I still remember Aunt Martha quoting in the movie, “For a gallon of elderberry wine, I take one teaspoon full of arsenic, and then add half a teaspoon full of strychnine, and then just a pinch of cyanide.”

6. French Kiss

If you love to watch romantic comedies, then French Kiss is a must watch for you. The main protagonist of the movie, Kevin Kline spends half of his life taking about wine with Meg Ryan. Then, he introduces Meg to love and his homemade aroma wine sampling kit. Watch the movie to know about Kevin Kline’s character’s desire to own his own vineyard. He even gambled his family plot to a vineyard in order to fulfill his dream.

5. The Big Sleep

If you ask me, I would say the script of “The Big Sleep” was surely dipped in brandy before filming. Phil Marlowe and Lauren Bacall were seen in the main lead. You will see him drinking throughout the movie without fail. He drinks when he takes the job from the General, to the bookstore as he awaits Geiger’s exit from across the street and in the restaurant with Lauren Bacall. This movie clip here has nothing to do with wine but it is somehow worth watching.

4. Casablanca

What I like the most about the movie is that the entire cast of the movie is in love with drinking. We see Rick for the first time while he is finishing a giant-bowl glass of Champagne. He meets Ugarte who quickly swallow two glasses of cognac. Then, Yvonne enters drowning her sorrows in Rick’s private brandy stock. And scene after scene, the one thing that was constant on screen was a glass of drink. The main stars of the movie were Wine, Champagne, Brandy, and Cognac.

3. A Walk in the Clouds

This is undoubtedly a true wine movie and that’s why it stands in the top three position in my list. The vineyard is one of the main characters. It represents a beautiful background of the movie along with prevalent wine drinking throughout the film. You can even enjoy a grape stomping scene. The main lead was played by Keanu Reeves.

2. Notorious

Featuring a very important scene in an impressive wine cellar, Notorious is Hitchcock film of 1946 starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. Some of the popular drinks used in the movie are champagne lunches and A Ler Cru Burgundy – Volnay Cailleret Bouchard wine. The utter presence of wine in the wine cellar scene was mind boggling.

1. Sideways

Well, the first spot goes to “Sideways.” Till now, I was talking about movies featuring wine but Sideways is ideally about wine. A must, must, must watch for all the wine lovers and people who want to enjoy a movie with friends. Miles and Jack, the main leads, visits California wine country for one last time before Jack gets married. Just watch the movie and enjoy the sheer amount of wine with pleasure.

There are a number of other movies that has a major chunk filmed with or on wine. But, as per my eye, these were some of the best wine based movies made in Hollywood till now. Did I miss any of your favorites? Do remind me through your comments. My countdown of top ten movies featuring wine is dedicated to all those who sips wine like water. Enjoy your drink!

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Top Ten Movies Featuring Wine