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Best Food Related Movies

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best food related movies                        Good movies and delicious food go hand in hand. Can you even think of watching a movie without handful of popcorns? No, right! Well, I have created a list of the 5 best food related movies of all times. The eternal connection between movies and food has inspired many film makers to produce some great flicks based on authentic food. Food being one of the most important aspect of our life, it usually get some space in movies while showing day to day life. Some of the movies like Mystic Pizza, Diner, Eating Raoul and even 9 ½ Weeks are known for having great fun foodie scenes. But, for me a real food movie has to embody the passion for food. Well, my below mentioned list of 5 best food related movies will show you the real fervor for food. 


5 Best Food Related Movies


1. Big Night

best food related movie big night Released in 1996, Big Night is simply known as the best food movie ever made in the history of cinema. It beautifully depicted the meticulous details involved in organizing a special banquet. The cooking and culinary traditions followed by the chefs on screen are stunning. The story is basically about two Italian brothers trying to open an Italian restaurant in America. If you have not got the pleasure to watch this yet, then I would recommend you to stop by the DVD parlor now. 

2. Tampopo

best food related movie Tampopo                                                                 This is probably the most funny and emotional Japanese stories concentrated on noodles as the main element. Released in 1985, the movie is basically about a chef wanting to learn and make the best noodles in the city. The flick actually reveals the true food love of chefs and how much they enjoy cooking. I suggest you to watch this with some Ramen on the menu. 

3. Women on Top

best food related movie                                                                        This 2000’s successful movie, Women on top has Penelope Cruz in lead as a Brazilian Chef. The stunning Penelope use her cooking skills to escape a bad relation with her husband. The "Cruz" and food effect is adorable. The main character actually learns the fact that she does not need a man in her life anymore. Instead, she enjoys cooking and living her own life. A must watch for all married women. 

4. Soul Food 

best food related movie                                                                     Inspired from the well known Chinese flick Eat Drink Man Women, Soul food was released for Africans and Americans in 1997. The story was also adopted by some television producers after few years. With an sweet storyline, the movie was supported by an extremely talented cast. Vanessa Williams played the lead role in this delicious movie, Soul Food.  

5. Tortilla Soup

bets food related movie Tortilla Soup       Tortilla soup, released in 2001, is a perfect blend of true family values along with extra-ordinary cooking skills. The movie will treat you with some of the great cooking scenes ever shot in American cinema. The story is about a father trying to assemble the entire family through mandatory lavish Sunday dinner. You can have a great time while watching this movie and bringing together the entire family. 

So, this is my list of 5 best food related movies that promises to bring culinary heights on celluloid. Did I miss any of your favorites? Then do let me know here. In the mean time, I will keep adding some other flicks in my list of best food reacted movies. Stay tuned for some food with flicks!  

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Best Food Related Movies