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My GM Diet Experience – Day 6 – Meat and Vegetables Diet

In all honesty, I couldn't wait till my Day 6 of my GM Diet Experience to be over. The interesting thing about this GM Diet is that if today is your meat and vegetables diet day, you always crave for what is in store the next day. But when you get to the next day, you don't seem to want it anymore. Well, today I was supposed to have beef and vegetables. I usually don't eat beef, so I substituted it with lean meat and seafood. I was also told that it is better to stay away from starch vegetables, which I did. And I drank close to 4 liters of water, no kidding.


How Did My GM Diet Experience – Day 6 – Meat and Vegetables Diet Go?

Very decently, I suppose. I started the day at 6 am with a glass of freshly made carrot juice. At 8 am I made 3 egg whites omelet with some onions thrown in. The fact about starting your day with a heavy protein diet is that you will not feel hungry for hours, because it take a little while longer for the body to break down the protein. I was only hungry at 1pm. I made calamari – Squid stir fry with vegetables like baby corn, tomatoes, and bell peppers, seasoned with Thai Red Curry paste. Yes, I love Thai food and you will get the red curry paste in any hypermarket. So the lunch was at 2pm. By now, I had drunk 2 liters of water. When the evening came, it was time to wear a 'dancerish' dress and do the Salsa. I love Salsa and I have been dancing for 3 years now. It is a great way to relax and shed some calories the fun way. I had about 12 dances in the evening and it had worked up my appetite. So in the night, I ate in a restaurant at 10.30 pm. I ordered grilled chicken breasts with barbecue sauce and lots of steamed vegetables mildly tossed with a little butter. The vegetables were so good that I had very little chicken. Since, I was sweating and dancing, I drank another 2 liters of water.


Final Word On My GM Diet Experience – Day 6 – Meat and Vegetables Diet!

By Day 6 , the body is in the full weight loss mode. Iron and proteins come from the meat. You'll get the Vitamins and fiber from the vegetables. I'm not sure if there is a visible reduction of my weight because I am my worst critic. However, I do feel lighter and my digestion has improved. Right now, I just want to be done with this diet and I will not be doing this diet any time soon.


Come back here tomorrow as I conclude with My GM Diet Experience – Day 7 – Fruits, Vegetables and Rice Diet!


Mazel Tov!


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My GM Diet Experience – Day 6 – Meat And Vegetables Diet