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My GM Diet Experience – Day 7 – Fruits, Vegetables and Brown Rice Diet

Yay! C'est fini! It was the Day 7(final day) of my GM diet experience. Today, I had a sense of normalcy returning to my diet. On Day 7, the dieter is asked to be on a fruits, vegetables, and brown rice diet. I would have almost killed to have an ounce of rice on my fruits diet day, but then again it looks like I have made it to Day 7. There is no limit to the quantity of food to be eaten, so the dieter can have how much ever possible. This is the last phase of the GM diet, where the body would have been cleaned and be in a healthier state.


How Did My GM Diet Experience – Day 7 – Fruits, Vegetables, and Brown Rice Diet Go?

Super! This was truly a feast day because I got to eat rice. I started the day at 8am with a glass of Ceres 100% orange juice... At 10.30am I had a mango, a banana and a kiwi. My lunch was at 2pm. I was in no mood to cook, so I bought a nice Indian Vegetarian Thali from a Kerala restaurant. The best thing about a Thali from a Kerala restaurant is that, they serve the fat brown rice and not the white rice. So my lunch consisted of brown rice, cabbage poriyal, eggplant sambhar, rasam and buttermilk. I am not a big fan of the brown rice but I was glad to have a nice Indian meal anyway. In the evening, it was again time to go out and dance Salsa to my heart's content. By the time all the dancing ended, it was 10.30pm and I was ravenous. I could have eaten an ox for all that I could care. Since I was in a Continental restaurant, I ordered mushrooms braised in wine reduction sauce, served with white rice and other vegetables. It was good and that meal brought an end to my GM diet experience.


Final Word On My GM Diet Experience – Day 7 – Fruits, Vegetables and Brown Rice Diet:

Whew! It is over. Yes, I do feel lighter but I am not going to weigh myself. My system does feel cleaner and my digestion is a lot better. This is the only diet that I have tried before, and it is the only diet that works for me every time. Though they say that this diet is safe to be repeated as often as possible, it is my recommendation that you do it just once in a month. Do not repeat this every week, because it will make you weak. If you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before going on this diet. And I suggest that you do sufficient research before going on any diet.


My final word is this: Diets like the GM diet will work and they will help you shed some kilos. However, if you are not careful afterwards, you will gain the lost weight. So watch it!


Good luck!


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My GM Diet Experience – Day 7 – Fruits, Vegetables And Brown Rice Diet