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My GM Diet Experience – Day 5 – Meat and Tomatoes Diet

Many people might think that the Day 5 (Meat and Tomatoes Diet) of my GM diet experience is actually a feast day because I get to eat meat. Well, in all honesty, I was craving for meat when I was gulping down milk and bananas. As per the GM diet guidelines, the dieter is supposed to eat two 10 oz portions of lean beef and eat 6 whole tomatoes. The dieter must also increase the water consumption by 1 liter to help the system cleanse the body of the uric acid that it is producing. And since beef is not technically lean meat, it can be substituted with seafood, chicken, turkey or egg whites. By day 5, the body is in the weight loss mode and with 2 days more to go, I can't wait to get over with it. My meat and tomatoes diet day was quite successful.


How Did My GM Diet Experience – Day 5 – Meat and Tomatoes Diet Go?

I started the day at 6am with a two raw tomatoes. They are pretty OK to be eaten raw. At 8am, I used 3 egg whites to make scrambled eggs with 2 onions and 1 tomato. Then I forced myself to drink 2 big glasses of water at one go. Surprisingly, I wasn't hungry till about 1pm. At 1.00pm I had sautéed Catla, a type of river fish along with 2 tomatoes. I did not feel hungry till about 9 pm. All I did in between was keep drinking a lot of water. It always happens when you eat a lot of protein, especially since, it takes longer to digest. At 9pm I had chicken - plain boiled with turmeric and salt, and 2 raw tomatoes. I was glad that I could get through the day without having to cheat. yes


Final Word On My GM Diet Experience – Day 5 – Meat and Tomatoes Diet:

I just had 3 main meals and did not feel hungry at all. The idea of having meat and tomatoes is to add proteins, iron and fiber to your system. Drinking a lot of water is to purify the system. It is OK if the dieter cannot eat all the meat but it absolutely essential to have all the tomatoes. Yay! Tomorrow, I get to have vegetables and meat and I will be writing all about it.


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My GM Diet Experience – Day 5 – Meat And Tomatoes Diet