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My GM Diet Experience - Day 4 – Milk and Banana Diet

Though I love bananas, having to go through the entire day with just milk and bananas is slightly disturbing. Just when I was mentally preparing myself through the entire day, I made a surprising new discovery. I discovered that papayas almost have the same nutritive content as bananas and they can be used as a substitute. Whew! So it would be safe to say that my GM diet experience – Milk and Banana Diet day was pretty interesting. On Day 4 of the GM Diet, the dieter is asked to eat as many as 8 bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk. Starch free soups can also be had in limitless quantities. The idea is help your body regain the lost potassium in the past couple of days. If the dieter has reached Day 4, it means that half the battle is almost won. And as the diet promised, I did not have any food cravings and I was pretty proud of myself.



How Did My GM Diet Experience - Day 4 – Milk and Banana Diet Go?

Well, I started the day at 6am with 2 bananas. I knew that I will be hungry in 2 hours, so I also made a soup consisting of 1/4 cabbage, 1 onions, 2 tomatoes, chili flakes, vinegar and soy sauce. I suppose it was my humble imitation of the Chinese hot and sour soup. It was not too bad, it was Ok. And as I predicted, I was hungry by 8am. I had a glass of my cabbage soup. At 12pm, I ate a half of a papaya, 2 bananas and a glass of milk. I haunted the kitchen again at 3 pm to have 1 banana and a glass of the cabbage soup again. One sick combination, I know! At 6 pm, I had the remaining papaya and had a glass of milk. At 9pm I had 3 bananas, a glass of milk and a glass of the cabbage soup again. And I was more than glad that the day had finally come to an end. Goodness!


Final Word on My GM Diet Experience - Day 4 – Milk and Banana Diet

Bananas come loaded with complex carbohydrates and it might make one wonder how this fruits aids weight loss. The answer is pretty simple actually. Bananas are a rich source of potassium. And potassium helps to balance water in the body by counteracting the sodium and favoring the elimination of liquid. That is why bananas are recommended as a part of a weight loss diet. If I can survive the milk and banana diet, so can anyone. Besides, you also know that you can now substitute papayas in the place of bananas.


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My GM Diet Experience - Day 4 – Milk And Banana Diet