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My GM Diet Experience - Day 3 - Fruit and Vegetable Diet

GM Diet - Fruit and Vegetable DietI can proudly say that My GM Diet Experience - Day 3- Fruit and Vegetable Diet was quite a success because I got through the day with very little cheating. Yay! By Day 3, my carbohydrate craving has come down to almost nil. Before I get into the details of my day, I'll tell you how this day is supposed to go. On this day, the dieter is allowed to have a mixture of fruits and vegetables of choice. Any amount of fruits and vegetables can be consumed. Bananas and potatoes are a strict no-no. It is also best if starchy beans are avoided. The dieter has to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water. On Day 3, the dieter gets all the carbohydrates from the fruits and the dieter's system is now prepared to start burning all the excess pounds.


My GM Diet Experience - Day 3 - Fruit and Vegetable Diet

I started the day at 6am with a glass of orange juice. At 8am I had another glass of orange juice. I made muskmelon juice with 2 teaspoons of sugar at 11am. I just couldn't stand to drink a bland muskmelon juice. At 1 am, I ate 2 juicy apples. Yesterday's spinach-corn-cluster beans stir fry was still in the refrigerator. So I reheated it, and had it at 4pm. I had a glass of orange juice at 5pm. At 8pm I had cauliflower and capsicum stir fried with 1 teaspoon of oil. I can't eat only steamed vegetable, so I had to have a teaspoon of oil with my vegetables. I also drank a plenty of water.


Final Word on My GM Diet Experience - Day 3 - Fruit and Vegetable Diet

I feel lighter. I haven't checked my weight yet, but I feel lighter. I didn't feel hungry and I also kept eating or drinking in small portions. I also think that I will survive the 7 days. However, I am dreading tomorrow because it is just going to be milk and bananas. Urgh! Wish me luck.


Come back tomorrow for My GM Diet Experience - Day 4 – Milk and Banana Diet


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My GM Diet Experience - Day 3 - Fruit And Vegetable Diet