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My GM Diet Experience - Day 2 - Vegetable Diet

GM Diet - Vegetable DayMy GM Diet Experience - Day 2 - Vegetable Diet, well was not so good and as I almost let it be destroyed by that insanely, awesome, hauntingly delicious Apple Scotch Pudding cake made especially for us. Before I get to the destruction of my vegetable diet bit, I'll tell you about the what the dieter should be doing on the vegetable day. As the name suggests, all vegetables can be eaten. However, it will benefit the dieter if starchy beans are avoided. The dieter is encouraged to eat all the raw or cooked vegetables of one's choice. Any amount of vegetables can be eaten. The dieter is asked to start day 2 with a large baked or boiled potato for breakfast. A little butter or oil is allowed with the potato. The potato will be the dieter's dose of complex carbohydrates.


How Was My GM Diet Experience - Day 2 - Vegetable Diet?

I started the day at 8am with a medium sized potato which I had first boiled. Then I sautéed it with 1 tsp butter and 1 tsp oil, seasoned with oregano and paprika. Yummy! It felt like heaven after a day full of very less carbohydrates. By 2pm, I was so hungry that I could have eaten the entire ox. But I didn't. I made a spinach-corn-cluster beans stir fry with 1 tsp oil, seasoned with mustard seed, turmeric, red chili powder and salt. It was not epic but I survived the afternoon. Soon the evening came by and it was time for me to go out and celebrate my best friend's birthday. Her birthday cake was a compliment from the chef and from the hotel. The chef and the hotel staff like us apparently, but that is a completely different story. It was tasted brilliant and I don't have enough superlatives to describe it, besides it is rude not have the birthday cake. For dinner, I had a fresh garden salad, tossed in olive oil while rest of my friend ate to their heart's content and I was the butt of their jokes.


Final Word My GM Diet Experience - Day 2 - Vegetable Diet?

The cake is the forbidden fruit. It is not to be had on the vegetable diet day. I should have also had more vegetable in smaller portions and more frequently. So dieters, watch out. No cakes! I also drank a plenty of water. So do that too.


See you tomorrow for My GM Diet Experience - Day 3 – Fruit and Vegetable Diet.


Good luck!


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My GM Diet Experience - Day 2 - Vegetable Diet