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Healthy Meals For Air Travel

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Air travel means limited food availability. This becomes worse with the bad taste, poor hygiene of the food and above all, the extra amount that you have to pay for that bad food. Also, the items available at the terminals are mostly fast food that too of the expensive variety. We all know that they cannot be a healthy option. So, how do you deal with the situation? Well, you can prepare some healthy meals at home and enjoy your travel by carrying them with you. Let’s talk about the different issues involved here...


Regulations To Follow

Due to enhanced security measures on account of the threats of terrorist attacks,  you have to be careful about the rules made by the 'Transportation Security Administration' (TSA) that puts restriction on what you can take on an airplane.


  • The limit on liquids is 3-ounce (exceptions are only for liquid medications & baby formulae). So, drinks are out until you pass through security. You can also pick up bottled beverages on the way to the departure gate. It’s better to buy a large bottle of water, and possibly milk or juice if you have children, to get you through the flight.


  • Whatever food you take through security, make sure it is wrapped or contained in some way. The exception is whole, fresh fruits; as long as they are uneaten and unpeeled, they need not be wrapped or placed within a container.


Tips For Carrying Food On Flight

You can’t carry everything of your choice to the airport. Try to include meals and snacks that have proteins in them, because it will help keep hunger under control until you’ve landed. The following list of healthy snacks and foods can be combined to make easy meals as well:


  • Crackers with cheese or peanut butter
  • Pretzels  
  • Popcorn
  • Fresh or dried fruit
  • Trail mix
  • Nuts
  • Granola bars
  • Sandwiches on whole-grain bread with cheese or peanut butter
  • Fresh-cut vegetables, like celery or carrots
  • Rice cakes  
  • Low-fat or baked chips
  • Beef jerky  

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More travel-friendly tips to carry easy meals on flight

1. Keep it solid: Solid foods can get through security, but anything that is a liquid or gel probably won't. For this reason, you should avoid carrying foods like yogurt, applesauce, pudding, and gelatin.


2.Avoid bringing foods that are oven-hot or refrigerator-cold: Normally a food item is considered fresh for two hours after it is taken out of the oven and refrigerator, respectively. However, insulated bags may help, but with common travel delays, many hours could pass between the time you leave home and your flight’s actual takeoff.




3.Shop wisely at the gate: You can buy meals and snacks once you've gone through security, also many airports now sell healthy snacks such as fresh sandwiches and salads that you can take onboard.




4.Be mindful of other passengers: You should carry foods that are not be strong-smelling or unhealthy like pizza, French fries, and anything overladen with onions or garlic & strong flavors.


Keep in mind these simple yet useful points and you will be happy that you have not wasted your money on bad and unhealthy meals.You will feel better after a healthy meal as well.

Happy journey!


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Healthy Meals For Air Travel