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Build Your Fall Immunity

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With Fall upon us, it is even more important to keep your immune system on track in order to fight the viruses that come with the colder weather. We all know the plenty of sleep, vitamins and supplements may help, but we can also change our eating habits to strengthen our immune system this fall and winter. Here's how:


A Steamy Pan Of OystersOysters may be a great aphrodisiac, but these also serve as a rich source of zinc, which is important to improve immune cell function. So, grab some oysters and enjoy eating them knowing that they are probably going to help strengthen your immune system in the end!

Friends Immunity

Invite Friends Over – Organizing a party at home is a fun way to boost your immunity. People who have a busy social life possess better immunity against diseases, especially during the changing seasons which is when you are more likely to get sick.

Brazil Nuts

Go Nuts – Brazil nuts contain selenium in abundance, which is instrumental in improving your body’s immune response quite significantly. Other sources of this powerful antioxidant are egg yolks, tuna, and pumpkin seeds.


Eat Sushi – You may have heard it many times but sushi is a healthy option if you want to give your immune system a boost. In fact, sushi, paired with miso soup and green tea makes for a perfect anti-viral package! So, when you visit a Japanese restaurant next time now you'll know what to order.



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Build Your Fall Immunity