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Tips To Tackle Food Cravings With Ease

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Salty cravingsHow many times have you suffered from food cravings, given in to the same and then felt guilty about eating that pizza or bag of chips? More often than not, food cravings cause your health to suffer. Therefore, instead of denying, face them, and get armed with these tips to counter your food cravings.


1) Salty Cravings


You are watching TV or working on your computer/laptop, and you suddenly feel the urge to eat something salty. Your natural choices would be pretzels, beef jerky or potato chips. After all, that is what people all over the world eat while watching TV or sitting in front of their computers. But remember, if you eat salt, you end up craving for more salt. Yes, it is a vicious cycle. So, avoid these foods altogether. Instead, go for popcorn salted with sea salt instead of table salt. Or, better still, opt for a steamed edamame with kosher salt, or just an ounce of cheese and crackers. That’s it, you conquered your salt cravings.


2) After Dinner Eating After dinner cravings


Well, where have your heard this one before? in your own house, from your husband’s or daughter’s mouth. Once the dinner is done, they take no time to rummage through cupboards, or fridge, in search of something to eat before going to bed. Well, if you really have to eat before sleeping, then try a healthier snack instead of a tub of ice cream or a bag of chips. You want options? Here they are – a bowl of yogurt and fruit, apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter. There you go!


Creamy dip cravings3) Dips for Veggies


A high-fat dip, containing mayonnaise, oil, etc kills the whole purpose of eating a healthy portion of vegetables. In order to optimize the nutrient intake from carrot sticks and lettuce leaves, eat them with creamy, low-fat dips. You may go for hummus, adding different flavors to it with bell peppers, garlic, even pesto, and, of course, some oil and seasonings.


4) Substituting Sugarsugary food cravings


You think Twizzlers, Twinkies, Skittles, Gummy Bears, and Starbursts. We think ewwwwww!!! After all, all these snacks are empty calories and what’s worse! They make you an addict. Yes! It is as bad as drug addiction, really because the sugar in these snacks gives you an instant rush, which subsides instantly as well, leaving you crashed in its wake. Therefore, next time you are faced with a packet of Twinkies, face away from it and reach out for some watermelon, strawberries or musk melon. You can also eat dried fruit (albeit in limited quantity) to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. In case you are still thinking of cheating on this one, read about the risks of excessive sugar consumption.


crunchy food cravings5) Take the Crunch In


Yes, it is scientifically proven that the crunchier your food, the more satisfying it is calorie-wise. The crunch in foods like chips, pretzels or popcorns, makes them more satisfying for you but try to substitute this with a healthier crunch, which can be had in the form of a handful of nuts. For a healthier popcorn, microwave some at home and eat with some of the substitutes for popcorn salt.


6) Sweet Beverages, a Complete No! Beverage food cravings


The cola drinks are nothing but too much sugar in a bottle or glass. As said earlier, too much sugar is bad for health, so instead of giving in to these beverages, opt for Perrier or soda water with lemon and ice. These are definitely a healthier alternative to the sweet-filled beverages.


See, it is not that difficult to overcome your food cravings. Take help from this list and share your experience and some more tips to tackle food cravings.


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Tips To Tackle Food Cravings With Ease