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Top 5 Post Pregnancy Foods

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Being a new mom is very challenging and meeting the nutrition needs of both the mother and the baby is important. This is where the top 5 post pregnancy foods play a role. They provide sufficient nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals that nourish and recoup the mother while making sure that all the dietary requirements of the infant are met via the mother as it is breast fed. Let us take a look at some of these beneficial foods.













1. Beef

Roast beef

This red meat not only is an important source of complete protein but also extremely rich in iron. It may surprise many to know that the iron content of beef is higher than most green leafy vegetables. The iron is also present in a highly absorbable form. This is needed to make up for the iron losses that occur during childbirth and to prevent anemia in the mother. This iron passes through breast milk and gets stored in the baby's liver. 2 servings of this meat a week are helpful. Choose lean cuts to reduce the fat intake.


2. Salmon


This fatty fish has high amounts of protein and vitamin D needed for good health and strong bones . A type of omega 3 fatty acid called DHA (Docosahexanoic acid) which is abundant in salmon is the main fatty component of the human brain. A deficiency of this fat can lower cognitive function and associated skills in the infant. Fish oil, good to treat post natal depression can also be used. 


3. Eggs

green eggs

One medium sized egg provides 85 k cal, 6 g of valuable protein and plenty of vitamin D. For the above reasons it is recommended to have an egg a day and doing so will pass on the same goodness to the breastfed infant. Make sure to boil the egg well till the white and yolk are firm. This will kill harmful salmonella bacteria that can cause serious food poisoning.


4. Whole Grains

Oats bread

All whole cereals should make up a bulk of a post natal diet. They are the best sources of carbohydrates that provide much needed energy for the formation of sufficient breast milk. Replace white rice with brown rice and refined flour with whole wheat flour. This adds as much vitamins and minerals as over the counter supplements. The bran layer also adds a lot of fiber to the diet. This helps reduce constipation that is a common complain in women after they give birth.


5. Fruits

Red fruit

Vitamin C, B carotene, fiber and water are some of the nutrients that fresh fruits supply. They also improve iron absorption from other food sources. The mother benefits as the potassium content in them can help ward off high blood pressure that is on the rise postpartum. Also a good snack to replace sugary desserts, a fruit everyday can help manage calories and prevent unwanted weight gain.


All new mothers will benefit immensely by making the above foods a regular part of their diet. The intake of sufficient fluids is also recommended along with moderate exercise. Do not attempt to lose weight in a hurry. Gradual weight loss is the healthy way to go.


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Top 5 Post Pregnancy Foods