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Repair Your Damaged DNA With These Foods

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DNA 1It is not just smoking that leads to genetic damage but a host of other factors, which range from radiation, soft drinks, pesticides, and plastics. With most of the people being exposed to these substances on a daily basis, the damage caused to their DNA can be reprehensible sometimes. The DNA, if damaged, can lead to certain health problems, which may be serious and, in some cases, fatal too. What is worse is that these health effects may also travel from generation to generation leaving your kids vulnerable to further DNA damage.


1) Is there any solution?


Yes, there is. The DNA damage can be repaired to some extent with certain foods, which if made a part of your daily diet, would protect you from such factors that damage your DNA.


2) Chlorella


Chlorella is an algae rich in chlorophyll and it helps the body to dispose off such substances as dioxins, pesticides, and heavy metals from its system, so that there is no chance of damage being caused to the DNA. There is research-based evidence that chlorella is instrumental in saving your DNA from damage and it also repairs the damage, if already caused. You can start having chlorella by adding a teaspoon of it to your glass of juice or smoothie every day.


3) Cat’s Claw Chlorella


Okay, this may not sound appealing at first, but wait till you read about the anti-inflammatory properties of the Peruvian cat’s claw, which is also used to cure arthritis and cancer. Cat’s claw cleanses your intestinal track, keeping toxins at bay, thus saving your DNA from damage. In addition, the herb (yes, cat’s claw is a herb, not actually a cat’s claw!!) also works a significantly to improve the repair of damaged DNA.


4) Raw Foods


The enzymes present in raw foods help the DNA repair themselves. However, ironically, you cook the food, heat it, re-heat it, and in the process, the enzymes are destroyed. Therefore, to feed enzymes into your system, you need to eat the food raw. The added benefit of consuming raw foods is that besides the DNA, the enzymes also help heal and nourish other body tissues as well as organs.


Cat's Claw5) Cabbage


Cabbage (especially raw) and other cruciferous vegetables are key to DNA repair owing to the fact that they contain folate, indole-3s, and sulforaphane. While folate is a good substance to repair DNA and body cells, indole-3s, according to researchers, increases production of BRCA1 and BRCA2 proteins in the body. These proteins are instrumental in repairing the damaged DNA. Sulforaphane increases body’s production of phase-2 detoxification enzymes.


Since you cannot avoid the factors that cause harm to your genetic composition, it is important that you eat these foods on a regular basis, so that, at least, you can repair the damaged DNA and save yourself from several health problems.


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Repair Your Damaged DNA With These Foods