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Home Remedies For Croup

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Lemonade — Home Remedies For CroupAlthough mild in nature, croup can be a cause of concern for both parents and children. Fortunately, there are some easy and effective home treatments that can prevent major bouts of coughing, and even manage the attacks. A few simple measures like distracting your child, moistening the air, holding your child in upright position, and giving him/her plenty of fluids can help. Read on for more information on home remedies for coup.



Croup Home Remedies

  • Dry air can exacerbate croup. In that case, keeping the room humid and warm using a humidifier or a vaporizer can help. Keeping the room humidified will not just help loosen phlegm, but also meliorate the discomfort.
  • During breathless bouts of coughing, rush your child to the bathroom, shut the door, and run hot shower full blast to create a warm mist. Sit on the floor, counter, or toilet seat, hold the child on your lap, and stay inside the misty bathroom for at least 15 minutes. The warm steam will help normalize the child’s breathe relax the vocal cords and improve the stridor.
  • Another excellent way to ease breathing is to place a warm, moist facecloth on the mouth and nose of your child. This will help clear the airways and steady breathing. However, be careful not to overheat the flannel to avoid burns.
  • Taking your child out in the night air will also help. The moist night air can help ease breathing and allay coughing. However, if your child has fever, avoid taking him/her out in the open during night.
  • Sipping on warm fluids can also help allay the symptoms considerably and relieve coughing spasms. Drinking clear fluids like apple juice, Gatorade, lemonade, or tea will loosen sticky mucous.
  • Also, make sure you give your child plenty of water, electrolytes, and other fluids to keep him/her hydrated.


Try these home remedies on your child the next time he is down with croup and watch him recover quickly.  


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Home Remedies For Croup