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Home Remedies For Colitis

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Ripe Bananas — Home Remedies For ColitisThe painful condition of colitis can be easily tackled with a slew of tried and tested home remedies that are any day a far better option than medications that more or less come with many unwanted side effects. Home remedies like improved food habits and ingesting natural juices can not only allay flare-ups, but also offer great relief. Follow this write-up to explore more on home remedies for colitis.



Colitis Home Remedies

  • Consuming fresh buttermilk after lunch and before bedtime can speed up digestion and help ease the symptoms of colitis.
  • Also, eating a ripe banana or two after every meal can ease the symptoms of colitis considerably. Bananas are rich in fiber and easy to digest and tot up as an effective remedy against colitis.
  • Drinking a glass of fresh juice extracted out of the leaves of drumsticks plant and combined with coconut water and honey three times a day can relieve your symptoms largely.
  • An apple a day can keep the flare ups away. Apples are rich in iron and phosphorus that are effective in healing ulcerative lesions.
  • Sipping on tender coconut after meals can calm your stomach and allay the symptoms of colitis.
  • Wheat grass juice is deemed as the best cure for colitis. It not only helps in detoxifying the body and curing diarrhea, but also gives symptomatic relief from colitis.
  • Rice is believed to be another effective cure for colitis. As rice is easily digested by the body, it can be safely consumed. You can mash in ripe banana, mix it with rice, and eat it twice daily to treat colitis.
  • Going on a liquid diet of papaya juice, carrot juice, and raw cabbage juice for three days can allay the symptoms of colitis  considerably. In addition, consuming cabbage juice can reduce the inflammation of colon and prevent colitis from recurring.


Apart from following these home remedies for colitis, ensure that you avoid consuming any spicy, non-vegetarian food when you have colitis and stick to boiled vegetables and fruit juices.


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Home Remedies For Colitis