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NYC Culinary Travels Series:Sammys Halal Food

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Sammys Halaal FoodFeaturing:

Sammys Halaal Food,

73rd and Broadway,

Jackson Heights,

Queens, NY

Ph: 917-446-9948

Ever wondered where you can get the most mouthwatering, delicious, fresh, healthy and not-so-spicy-but-spicy chicken and rice? Well your search stops at Sammy Halal Food in Queens, NY. Sammys (nick name of samiul noor) was the winner of the prestigious NYC Vendy awards (given to the best mobile food vendors in the city) in 2006.

So what makes Sammys special. First, the price - its just $4 for a full plate of rice and chicken or lamb gyro. Ok we got the price covered. What next. Second, the food itself - this is got to te the only indian-pakistani food i have eaten, in which the chicken is marinated with 30 different spices and yet the food doesnt taste too spicy or heavy. It just feels right and as sammy says, its "addictive". And he is right. After eating your plate, you dont feel full and somehow want to have more after sometime. No acid reflux and no heartburns and dirty garlic smelling burps. the food just goes in smoothly, leaving an almost mint freshness in your mouth (you wont believe that will you eat this food).

Sammys was started by four pakistani immigrants (Sammy or samiul himself, Mohammed Arshad, Mohammed Anjum and Mohammed Shafique) who were all cab drivers in the city! Its been a long ride for the four muskeeters who now have 3 other food carts and even a smal restuarant in Astoria. And if you are wondering when to go and feast on the chicken and rice, dont worry much - sammy is open from 8 in the morning to 4 in the morning (when do these guys sleep).

The news is that after winning the Vendy awards (yes the trophy is dispayed prudly on the cart), sammy has got calls from NPR and none other than martha's who wants to know the secrets behind sammys great spices! So board the E,V,F train and get of 74th street in queens to feast on this treat, all for 4 bucks and if you happen to tell sammy that you love his food, you may get a plate for free! Watch sammys partner Mohammed Anjum in action on one of the most famous mobile food carts in the city!


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NYC Culinary Travels Series:Sammys Halal Food