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Home Remedies For Aging

agingIf the fountain of youth (the blushful hippocrene) weren’t just a poet’s fantasy,  then none of us would probably seek home remedies for aging. Though aging is a natural, irreversible phenomenon, it is possible to fight the signs of aging, which are visible(wrinkles) and those which manifest as impaired functioning in many organs(the heart, arteries, immune system , etc) , along with memory loss, general fatigue etc. Read on to learn more.


Home remedies through diet and exercise


  • Include a lot of vitamin C in the diet as it helps to fortify the immune system to fight all sorts of microbes. Eat it as supplements or eat foods (citrus fruits) which are rich in vitamin C.


  • Make sure to include fruits and veggies, which are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are a fort of anti-aging properties, as they help to fight the free radicals in the body, which cause cell damage.


  • Make sure to drink about 8 – 10 glasses of water everyday as water helps in maintaining the perfect balance within the body system.


  • Regular exercise keeps the body fit by improving the blood circulation and ensuring optimum oxygen levels for all the cells. More so, rigorous exercising help to flush out toxins (perspiration), whose accumulation can cause harm to the body.   


Home Remedies through herbs


  • Use gingko biloba tea and ginseng tea in combination to fight the signs of aging. Take half a cup of each and mix them together and drink 1/3rd cup three times a day. Gingko is good for improving memory, whereas ginseng helps to boost energy levels.


  • Similarly, the Indian herb ashwagandha is a good home remedy for aging as it associated with many health benefits, one of them being sharpening memory.



Home Remedies from the “culinary corner”


  • Fish oil with its rich content of omega 3 fatty acids can reduce wrinkles; keep the body system in good condition and improve memory power as well.


  • Castor oil on the other hand has a high cosmetic value. Applying it on the skin and hair gives a beautiful glow as the oil’s essence prevents wrinkles.


  • Honey can be hailed as nature’s elixir. It helps to make the skin to look young. Additionally, honey “drizzles” with innumerable health benefits, which fight damage to the cells and tissues.



Over and above it is important to remember that a balanced diet aligned with a stress-free lifestyle can in reality prevent the early onset of aging.

 A sound mind spells a healthy body, which in turn brings back energy and the youthful spirit and, the above mentioned home remedies for aging simply testify for that!


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Home Remedies For Aging