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Top 5 Diet Tips For Strong Bones

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Bones become brittle because of calcium-loss and this leads to the condition called osteoporosis, which literally means porous bones or pores in bones. Patients of osteoporosis, most of whom are women, are always looking to build stronger bones. To make their life easier, here are top 5 diet tips for strong bones:




A male body requires 10 mg of iron daily while the daily requirement of iron for a female is 12 mg. An iron-deficient body is not only anaemic but also suffers from osteoporosis. To avoid shortage of iron in your body, eat vegetables like green turnip, beetroot, spinach, etc, all of which are good sources of iron. Also load up on nuts and legumes to make sure your body receives its daily dose of iron.




Most dieticians will advise you to run away from carbs, especially if you are trying to lose weight. But get this straight. You need carbohydrates to produce energy in your body, which is the main food for your muscles. If you do not eat the required amount of carbs, your body will make less than optimum energy and you will feel dull and tired most of the times. Not only this, your muscles will also end up getting weaker with each passing day. Eat sufficient amounts of grains and pasta (especially wheat pasta) to keep your muscles running for the day.


Vitamin D & Calcium


If you have been postponing that day out at the beach, don’t do it. Take in as much vitamin D as you can along with calcium, which is a godsend for healthy bones. Milk is the best source of calcium, therefore, drink milk daily and also gorge upon cheeses, which are loaded with Vitamin D. Please understand that Vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium present in the milk, so these go hand in hand.




Manganese is another mineral, without which, your body would not have strong bones. You can find manganese in leafy greens, herbs and spices, and fruits such as pineapple and raspberry.




There is nothing like exercise, supplemented by the above ingredients, to keep your bones healthy always. Professor Helmut Minne, Board Member of the International Osteoporosis Federation (IOF) and author of “Move it or Lose it: How exercise helps to build and maintain strong bones, prevent falls and fractures and speed rehabilitation,” has this to say, “One of the best ways to build and maintain healthy bones is through exercise. This is because bone is a living tissue and it needs to be regularly stimulated through exercise and physical activity.

These top 5 diet tips for strong bones should be on your fingertips because life is good when you are standing on your own two feet.

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Top 5 Diet Tips For Strong Bones