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Home Remedies for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus infectionNail fungus infections are also known as onychomycosis. It surfaces with the chipping of the nails at the edges, and a yellowish, cloudy appearance. Let us explore some home remedies for nail fungus to prevent its proliferation and fight the infection. 


Nail fungus home remedies – home to natural healing

Nail fungus are caused by a certain breed of fungi called dermophytes, which do not need sunlight to survive. Certain yeast types and molds can cause the infection as well.  The triggers for nail fungus include heredity factors, slow growing nails, living in a humid environment, heavy perspiration, undersized footwear cramping the toes, ailments such as AIDS, diabetes, which weaken the immune system and sorts.  Home remedies for the condition are a better alternative than resorting to expensive laser treatments.


Effective home remedies for nail fungus


  • For mild to moderate cases of nail fungus infections, tea tree oil is effective. A natural antiseptic and fungicide, tea tree oil helps to kill the fungus lodged in the nail. A mix of equal quantities of olive oil thyme oil and tea tree oil is also an effective home remedy for nail fungus. Take a few drops of the mixture and scrub it gently on the affected nail with a tooth brush. The combination of the essential oils along with the scrubbing effect helps to scrape out the fungus from the nail surface. Use tea tree oil regularly till the infection fully effaces from the nail bed.


  • Apple cider vinegar with warm water is one of the popular nail fungus home remedies. Soak the affected nails (fingers or toes) in a solution of warm water and apple cider vinegar of equal quantities for about 15 – 20 minutes. Once done, use a clean towel to dry the nails and use a hair-dryer to absorb the moisture completely. Apple cider vinegar’s acidic properties prevent the nail fungus from spreading further.


  • Listerine mouthwash is gaining ground as an effective home remedy for nail fungus. A strong antiseptic, the mouthwash does its bit to wipe out the fungus from the nail bed.  The addition of apple cider vinegar to the mouthwash will prevent the fungus from spreading. Soak the affected nails in the mouthwash-vinegar solution for about 15-20 minutes everyday and dry the nails once done. Be sure to keep the nails away from moisture.


  • Lavender in combination with tea tree oil is a good home remedy for nail fungus infections. Take equal amounts of lavender and tea tree oil, dip a cotton wad and apply it on the affected nail. Tea tree oil is antiseptic by nature and fortified with lavender’s oil’s antiseptic properties, the combination is an effective remedy for nail fungus. Additionally, lavender oil prevents skin irritation. But remember to dilute these essential oils with carrier oils such as olive or coconut oil before applying them on the nails.


  • Similarly, oregano oil with its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-parasitical, antiviral, analgesic and antifungal properties is also an effective nail fungus home remedy. Use oregano oil with olive oil for best results.


  • Over and above, make sure to eat a balanced diet with supplements to fortify the immune system and practice a regular cleansing routine with both the toe and finger nails.



Points of caution

It is important to consult with a medical practitioner for the right diagnosis of nail fungus, before resorting to any of the home remedies.


Fingers and toes are natural accessories to flaunt with style and if a fungal infection were to mar their beauty don’t clench your fists or curl up your toes, as the home remedies for nail fungus can clear all cloudy appearances!


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Home Remedies For Nail Fungus