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Home Remedies For Snoring

Snoring blissful sleep awayIf your partner makes you stay awake like the night owl because of snoring; it would be wiser to look through the home remedies for snoring, than snuffling beneath a stack of pillows, to keep away the noise. The treatment for snoring is determined by the trigger (bad sleeping postures, allergies, medication etc). The home remedies detailed in the blog will help to keep away from the triggers.



Snoring home remedies – home to natural healing

Snoring occurs when the relaxed tissues of the throat   vibrate while breathing in. Though snoring is harmless, it can prove to be a social nuisance. Severe conditions of snoring can be symptomatic of sleep apnea, which signals lack of oxygen in the blood, high blood pressure and other body ailments. A person who snores doesn’t get into a deep sleep and therefore doesn’t derive the required sleep-refreshment. Snoring home remedies will help to counter the problem through simple techniques.


Effective home remedies for snoring


  • If snoring is not caused by cold or sinusitis, then nasal strips can prove to be useful. These strips help to expand the nasal passage allowing air to gush in without any restriction.


  • Antihistamines or being allergy-prone can lead to snoring. Use a humidifier in the room before going to bed. This home remedy can counter snoring problems surfacing from cold, congestion, and persistent coughing as well.


  • Be sure of the sleeping postures. Prop up the head with extra pillows, so that the airways expand helping you breathe easy. Sleeping on the side proves to be a good home remedy for snoring.


  • Do not take dairy products late in the evening or before bed time as mucous builds up from such foods obstructing the nasal passages.


  • Avoid eating full square meals or heavy meals before going to bed. This can put additional pressure on the diaphragm, making breathing difficult.


  • Keep exercise a part of the daily regimen. For one thing, physical activity tones up the body (preventing the onset of obesity) and the exertion with its greater demands for oxygen puts the airway-tissues in activity as well. This way, the muscles in action (from the nose, through the windpipe and the lungs) flex a good deal expanding and creating more space for the air to come in. Exercise therefore works out as a long-term home remedy for snoring.


  • Avoid alcohol before going to bed as it can aggravate snoring. Smoking can irritate both the nasal and throat tissues, eventually leading to snoring.



Points of caution

If sleep apnea happens to manifest from snoring habits it is imperative to consult the doctor before resorting to any medication.


With the above-mentioned home remedies for snoring, unwind, and make sure that snooze time is not disturbed by a “snoring” alarm.



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Home Remedies For Snoring