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Home Remedies For Gastritis

gastritis - the inflamed stomachThe occasional pain in the abdomen, swelling to cause severe discomfort can make gastritis a dreaded condition until you are equipped with some home remedies for gastritis. The inflammation in the stomach is caused due to the stomach lining or the mucosa getting eroded, perforated, or ulcerated. Gastritis if left unattended can cause bleeding, stomach ulcers and even manifest into cancer in some cases.



Gastritis Home Remedies – home to natural healing

The cause of Gastritis can be certain strains of bacteria or even anemia. The general symptoms are vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, bloating and indigestion and sometimes pain, which strike certain patients. Alcoholism, smoking, stress, frequent usage of pain-killers can also trigger gastritis.  Home remedies for the condition supersede the effectiveness of over-the-counter medicines, which can induce long-term side-effects.



 Home Remedies for immediate relief


  • The first and foremost step in subduing the symptoms of gastritis is to drink in lots of water. Eight tall glasses of water a day can keep all ailments at bay, including gastritis. Water is a natural healer and a universal solvent. So optimum quantity of water can maintain pH level, help to expel toxins and act as an assuaging agent for the stomach. So ensure to “water the gut”!


  • Tender coconut water has been an age-old home remedy for gastritis in the tropical countries as it is a good assuaging agent. Make sure that the tender coconut water is sweet and not tinged with sourness drink the water on empty stomach every morning



Home Remedies through spices


  • Ginger is an excellent home remedy for gastritis. Being a natural antibiotic and antibacterial, it can be hailed as nature’s digestive-aide. The spice helps to relieve the symptoms of bloating, nausea, indigestion and is effective in killing the bacteria, which are responsible for the condition as well. Additionally, ginger catalyses the digestion of fats.
  • Chewing fennel seeds after meals can help to alleviate the symptoms of gastritis. Fennel tea brewed with one teaspoon of fennel seeds  in one cup of boiling water is equally effective


Home remedies from the fruits’ and veggies’ corner


  • One of the popular gastritis home remedies is papaya seeds. Ripe papayas are rich in digestive enzymes, which enhance digestion and can ease the symptoms of gastritis. Similarly pineapples, if eaten slightly ripe, can do a lot of good for gastritis afflicted patients.


  • Artichoke can work as a good home remedy for gastritis related pain. It can also help suppress the nausea, bloating, pain.



Home Remedies through herbs


  • Licorice root yet again pitches in for the treatment of gastritis. Take licorice root either in tablet or tea form as the constituents of the herb can help heal the gastrointestinal tract.


  • Herbs such as Marshmallow (Althea officinalis), goldenseal, and peppermint bear the essence to treat all symptoms of gastritis. Goldenseal kills the bacteria which are responsible for gastritis, ulcers, whereas peppermint contains volatile oils such as menthol, which help to relieve nausea, indigestion and other gastritis symptoms.


Home Remedies through diet


  • Include vitamin E-rich food in the diet or take vitamin E supplements, as the vitamin is associated with anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce and heal the eroded stomach lining.


  • If anemia is the cause for gastritis, make sure to include adequate iron-rich supplements in the diet.


Over and above, it is important to abstain from dairy products till the stomach lining is completely healed. Eat a balanced diet, preferably one which is rich in protein with all the essential proteins and minerals.


Points of caution

  • The above-mentioned home remedies for gastritis may not be applicable to pregnant women or nursing mothers, where the symptoms if not given medical attention might adversely affect the body system.


Give the soft, soothing touch to your body-machinery through the home remedies for gastritis, because what the body stomachs will determine what you can stomach well.



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Home Remedies For Gastritis