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Home Remedies For Migraine

migraineKnowing about home remedies for migraine helps to get relief from the intense throbbing pain often associated with nausea and dizziness. The pain occurs due to abnormal contraction and expansion of blood vessels. 



Migraine home remedies – home to natural healing


As mentioned, the pain associated with migraines can be excruciating starting from one part of the head and traveling to other regions. The exact cause of migraines is not known but the symptoms usually come out with hypersensitivity to sound, light and odors. More so, women are more afflicted with migraines than men are.

Over-the- counter analgesics for migraine pain provide only temporary relief and come with the side-effects associated with prolonged intake of pain-killers. Migraine home remedy will help to counter the symptoms and also prevent the incidence of the condition.


Effective home remedies for migraine



  • The essential evening primrose oil is an effective home remedy for migraine. The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties prevent the constriction of the blood vessels, thereby helping to reduce the pain.



  • Increase the intake of vitamin C through citrus fruits, Indian gooseberry, and sorts. Vitamin C contains bi-flavonoids, which help in the release of anti-stress adrenal hormone, which helps to fight inflammation.



  • Garlic as the all-a-rounder spice can help counter migraine headaches. It helps to expel toxins from the blood, which can trigger erratic expansion or constriction of blood vessels. Include garlic in the diet either in raw or cooked form to help rid the body of the toxins.


  • Feverfew herb comes in handy as a good home remedy for migraine. The herb has antispasmodic properties and can inhibit the action of inflammation-causing hormones such as prostaglandins. Take in the recommended dosage after consultation with an herbalist. It is not advisable to take the herb during pregnancy.



  • Kava herb also pitches in as an effective home remedy for migraine pain relief. The herb can bring about a relaxed state of mind, and has sedative properties as well. Consult with an herbalist for the recommended dosage pertaining to the individual body constitution.



  • Try the ice-pack method as a home remedy for migraine. Place a nicely-wrung wet towel in the freezer till it becomes cold. Place the towel on the region of pain. Once the towel loses its chillness, put it in the freezer again and repeat the process till the pain subsides.



  • Aromatherapy can also work wonders for migraine headaches. Fragrances associated with essential oils can soothe the mind and nervous system as well. This in turn can alleviate the pain by busting the stress within.


  • Include omega 3 fatty acids in the diet in the way of flax seeds and fish such as salmon. Omega 3 fatty acid has anti-inflammatory attributes and can work from within to curb the sporadic inflammation of blood vessels.


  • Relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation and breathing exercises can also be an effective home remedy for migraine pain relief in the long term.


Points of caution

Migraine headaches during pregnancy or infancy may not respond to home remedies. In which case, it is important to consult a doctor before administering the treatment. 

A look up on the home remedies for migraine will help to alleviate the pain and other symptoms of the headache, which can constrict all ways to lead a normal life.


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Home Remedies For Migraine