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Home Remedies for Anemia

Remedies for anemia - beet juiceHome remedies for anemia discussed in this blog will deal with the condition which occurs due to nutrient deficiency.  The other – types of anemia mainly, the sickle-cell anemia (the Red blood cell is sickle shaped having below-normal hemoglobin content), hemolytic anemia (early destruction of the RBCs), sideroblastic anemia(the inability to use the hemoglobin) and pernicious anemia(nil vitamin B12 absorption) signify  heredity or chronic conditions of the body system.


Anemia home remedies – home to natural healing



Anemia denotes a low RBC (red blood cell) count meaningless of the hemoglobin component, which is responsible for carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. The condition can surface with symptoms such as fatigue, restlessness, paleness, breathlessness, whereas severe anemic conditions include  rapid heartbeat, hair loss, dizziness and sorts. The Anemic conditions substantiated here will focus on the iron-deficiency, B12 deficiency and folic acid deficiency causes with tips to counter it.







Effective home remedies for anemia


  • Make the diet greener. A diet, rich in dark and green leafy vegetables, is a good source of iron and folic acid. For instance, spinach has about 3.2 mg of iron per ½ cup. Additionally, the dark-green also carried about 130 mcg of folic acid for the same serving.


  • One age-old home remedy for anemia is blackstrap molasses also known as the “Blood-builder”. Each tablespoon of the molasses contains about 3.5 mg of iron.


  • Add a punch of nutrients to the breakfast cereal. Of course, the ones available do spell out a high nutritive value with iron and other nutrients packed with the pack! You could sprinkle a few dry-roasted nuts (sliver almonds, pistachios) and add chopped dates to the breakfast bowl before digging in.


  • Include beets in the diet for the “rich and bloodier” blood. Beets are not only rich in folic acid but sport a wide spectrum of other nutrients. The best way to eat beets is  to cook it in the microwave with the skin on. Peel the skin once cooked. The flesh beneath the skin is the nutrient-dense part of beetroot making the blood richer, proving to be a good home remedy for anemia.


  • Beef liver is also a good option for increasing hemoglobin as it is amply supplied with iron and vitamin B12 – a double dose of blood-pump to increased red blood cells.


  • Increase the intake of vitamin C for better absorption of all the other nutrients. Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange along with the Indian gooseberry have a high content of vitamin C.


  • Take honey with a little bit of lemon juice on a daily basis as the combination works as a wonderful home remedy for anemia, by enhancing the absorption of iron in the body.


  • Body massage and cold water baths help to increase the blood flow and can alleviate the symptoms associated with anemia.


  • Over and above, it is important to stay away from beverages such as tea and coffee in between meals, as they interfere with iron absorption.


 Points of caution


  • Anemia home remedies should be able to alleviate the body’s nutrient deficiencies though the supplements of iron, folic acid or B12.  If the condition persists for weeks together, then it is imperative to seek a doctor’s opinion.


  • These home remedies are not applicable to pregnant women and nursing mothers where the nutrient-demand is generally high due to the prevalent condition.


Give your blood a booster from the home remedies for anemia and feel the extra pump of oxygen flowing through every vein.


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Home Remedies For Anemia