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Home Remedies For Hay Fever

Hay Fever starting from allergySeasonal allergies, which manifest as symptoms such as runny and stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, redness in the eyes accompanied by fatigue, disturbed sleep is evident of hay fever. Let us explore some home remedies for hay fever, before spring or autumn or any season for that matter shuts you out from the outside world.


Hay fever home remedies – Home to natural healing


The symptoms associated with hay fever are termed as allergic rhinitis. The triggers include pollen, dust, dander, which are aplenty during spring and autumn.  The body’s immune system, as a reaction to the allergens, releases histamines, to flush out the particulate allergen from the body.  Over-the-counter anti-histamine pills can do their job but with a flip-side of long-term side effects. The condition can aggravate to wheezing and severe asthma, if the symptoms are not treated.   Any home remedy for hay fever will help to ease the symptoms with handy tips from the kitchen-larder or as a simple preparation from nature’s wonders.



Effective home remedies for hay fever


  • Apply petroleum jelly along the nostrils, which will prevent the entry of pollen through the nasal tract.


  • Drink chamomile tea twice in a day, as it is an excellent home remedy for hay fever. Or, take a tissue and wet it with a few drops of chamomile oil and inhale it often. Chamomile inhalation is equally helpful.


  • Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to steam and inhale. Eucalyptus oil works as a good decongestant, clearing the airways of mucous and allergens.


  • Garlic pitches in once again as an effective hay fever home remedy. The spice with its wide spectrum of health benefits has properties to fight microbes, which cause the common flu. Garlic exhibits anti-inflammatory attributes as well.


  • Take honey with a pinch of cinnamon powder. Cinnamon with its anti-inflammatory properties helps to fight allergies.


  • Add a pinch of turmeric powder, along with crushed black pepper seeds and stir it into warm milk and drink it during nighttime daily. The combination works as a good home remedy for hay fever symptoms.


  • Indian gooseberry with honey is also very effective for allergies and hay fever symptoms. The vitamin-C concoction has been used as an age-old home remedy for hay fever eruptions.


  • Add a few drops of ginger syrup (made from crushed ginger julienne) to a teaspoon of honey and take it twice in a day. Ginger is a popular cure for allergies manifesting into hay fever.


  • Another simple home remedy for preventing hay fever is to have a nice hair wash after any kind of outdoor activity. This will ensure that all the settled-down dusts, pollen is washed out before it travels down to the vulnerable parts of the body to trigger allergy symptoms.


  • Avoid smoking and alcohol as it can aggravate the symptoms.


Points of caution


  • The hay fever home remedies are not applicable to nursing mothers, pregnant women, or infants where the body’s response levels cannot be generalized.


  • It is important to keep in mind that anything consumed – be it solids or fluids should be warm, as cold foods can aggravate the condition.



Come winter or summer, the spring or fall, the pollen-laden atmosphere need not shut you indoors as a few simple precautions and home remedies for hay fever can help you to make hay while the sun shines, any time, any season.


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Home Remedies For Hay Fever