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Japanese Love Hotels - Best places to take your flame or special someone.....

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The concept of Japanese love hotel is not new to Japan. However, these love themed rooms serve as the perfect destination for the love birds that are in the need of privacy. The love hotels also known as boutique hotels or couple hotels are the icons of Japanese culture and today there are almost 40,000- 50,000 love hotels in the country.

These love hotels are very much different from the hotels which existed a few years back. The new definition of love hotels calls for romantic ambience, spic and span rooms, modern amenities and all the other stuff which adds to the pleasure of sexual activity or love making.  Right from the entrance to check out, the Japanese love hotels are equipped in such a way that they provide a new definition to the visitor’s stay and make the experience memorable.

Here are the top 10 Japanese love hotels that are certainly not to be missed:

  1. Gang Snowman- It is one of the wildest Japanese love hotel that offers crazy love rooms. Soft SM rooms and Rooftop Garden rooms are the most popular rooms here. A big red colored Cadillac is the main attraction of the rooftop rooms. The car can be turned into a bed and it has a headlight flash and it rocks. The charges for 1 1/2 hours in this Japanese love hotel costs up to 3, 500- 5,600 yen. The prices increase on the weekends.
  2. Sagamiko Elizabeth Sekitei- It is one of the most famous Japanese love hotels and it depicts a replica of HMS Queen Elizabeth II. Stroll on the planks with your love or get cozy at the deck; the place gives a larger than life feeling. The rooms are based on nautical theme and the place is reachable by car only.
  3. Belles Des Belles- It is a Japanese love hotel situated in Osaka and it is known for its romantic ambience. The European artifacts, outdoor Jacuzzis and free breakfast for overnight couples are some of the amenities provided here.
  4. Little chapel Christmas- Every eve is Christmas Eve in this Japanese love hotel. Styled to meet the fantasies of young couples, the place has cute small rooms, trendy display of lights, fresh flower arrangements, small canopy beds and European theme.
  5. Tower’s Hotel- An ultra-modern Japanese love hotel, Tower’s Hotel is designed to meet the needs of the riches and the bureaucrats. Based in Sakuranomiya, it has billiard table room, swimming pool room and a room where one can play bumper cars. The charges for rest and overnight are exorbitant here.
  6. Hotel Loire- The rooms of this Japanese love hotel are way too different from others. The underwater room, Jungle room, Pirate room and UFO room are to name a few. Based on the outskirts of Osaka, a room in this hotel comes with an extreme cost.
  7. White Box- One of the well decorated Japanese love hotels, White Box is popular for its ravishing water beds, spotlights and tanning machines. The hotel is situated at the love hotel hill.
  8. Hotel London- It is the one of the Japanese love hotels, where reservation can be done prior. The rooms of the hotel are interesting and almost all modern amenities are provided.
  9. Hotel the Rock- An Alcatraz theme love hotel, The rock is decked up with good sound and visual effects. The rooms are not theme based and look quite ordinary but the place is one of the best suited destinations for the couples in love.
  10. Hana Ipai- Nestled at south of Tachikawa station on Tachikawa Dori, this Japanese love hotel flashes black light, mock Christian Reese Lassen wall décor and refreshing water beds. The hourly stay costs up to 6500 yen and the overnight stay is allowed for 8800 yen on weekdays. 12000 yens are charged on Friday and Saturday nights.


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Japanese Love Hotels - Best Places To Take Your Flame Or Special Someone.....