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Love Hotels - The Latest Trend For New Age Lovers

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love hotelLove hotels are the in vogue and why not as when the brain is making such advances in the field of technology, how can the heart stay back? Also known as love motel, leisure hotel and couple hotel, these are the hotels that provide hourly stay to love birds.

Popular in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and in Central America and Mexico where they are better known as auto hotels, these are meant for the couples who want to take a break from their monotonous life and want to spend some exclusive time with their partners.

The idea of a love motel is very much welcomed in the Western countries and is gaining popularity by the day. For people who want to spend some romantic time with their love or for couples who are in need of privacy, love hotels serve the best.

Usually flashed with neon signs and romantic ambience, love hotels are mostly located off runways or at downtown areas.

If you consider these Love motels to be the haunt of tight budgeted, think again. The Liberty Inn of Manhattan, Treviso Hotel of Brussels and Bonito of Japan are some of the luxurious love hotels, which are now popular among the rich and famous.

Ambience, services, and cleanliness plays a major role in these love boutiques. Also, there is a tough competition in the services offered by these hotels. The main focus is to meet the customers’ needs and it is majorly done by creating a theme based ambience, maintaining hygiene, and providing the best of services.

Karaoke, massage chairs, slot machine, TV games, and provision of rented costumes are some of the amenities provided. Besides, a Jacuzzi or open private spa and high definition TV sets with adult content (obviously) are also available for those interested.

Depending on the amenities available, the price of the hotel varies. Location and the day of the week also plays a major role in determining the charge of a love hotel. Usually, a short stay for two hours cost $50 and three hours, $70. The overnight cost of staying in love hotel costs up to $180.

Liberty Inn of New York provides the couple with Romantic Interlude rooms for which there is a rise of $15 in the cost. Dramatic wall, ceiling mirrors, nude themed sketches, neon lighting and a whirlpool tub for two; is what makes the room special and desirable by those who are in love and can afford it too.

Not only this, these love hotels also attract the love birds by arranging special events like fireworks, free drinks and sometimes even the discounts.

Looking at these love hotels, one really thinks it is rightly said “love knows no boundaries”.


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Love Hotels - The Latest Trend For New Age Lovers