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Home Remedies For Bad Breath

Bad breath

Do you feel like holding your breath every time you speak to someone for fear of obnoxious ventilation, making others go for an oxygen mask? Bad breath is as common as oxygen, so take a breather when you breeze through some of the home remedies for bad breath.


Bad Breath home remedies


Bad breath or halitosis has evolved with humankind except that with the evolution of culture and human instincts, bad breath has turned palpable enough to become an outcaste! The causes of bad breath are many and the result is shrinking self-esteem and diminishing social circle. Poor dental hygiene is one of the primary causes of bad breath and dental ailments (gingivitis, periodontal ailments, decaying teeth, and sorts). Infections in the respiratory tract can also cause bad breath. For instance blocked sinuses, mucous-clogging, malfunctioning of the  gastrointestinal tract can also be causative factors.

Before this condition surfaces as a social stigma, making you shrink and shy away from friends, colleagues, and even family members, let us explore some home remedies for the condition.



Effective home remedies for bad breath


  • The first and foremost step in combating bad breath is to practice good oral hygiene. While brushing make sure to do it in the right direction, with appropriate circular motions. Floss regularly and ensure to clean the tongue as well using a tongue cleaner as food particles lodged on the surface of the tongue can putrefy and cause bad odor.


  • Pungent foods such as garlic, onions, and fish varieties such as anchovies can make the breath stink like a stink house. So, if there is going to be any bit of indulgence in these foods, ensure to rinse the mouth immediately after meals and chew upon a mouth-freshener.


  • Baking soda can “bake up” good home remedies for bad breath as well. Sprinkle some of it on the toothpaste or on a wet brush and see the effect with pearly whites and fresh breath.


  • Home remedy for bad breath - the mintTry chewing on aromatic spices such as cardamom, fennel seeds, or cloves   after meals as they can lend their aroma to the breath within. Mint leaves also bring about freshness in the mouth


  • Water also gushes with the spirit to fight the bad odor and thus another channel of home remedy for bad breath. Swishing water in the mouth for minimum 20 seconds before spitting helps to dislodge the food particles from the teeth, gums, and the tongue, which can create a bad smell.


  • Include more of fresh vegetables in your diet, as veggies such as carrot and celery, which are hard and strong, can scrape out the plaque from the teeth. Fresh raw veggies can bring home the fresh breath and therefore be a good home remedy for bad breath.



  • Remember that dry mouth can also cause bad breath. So one of the simplest home remedies for bad breath right from the gut of nature is to keep the mouth wet by swishing with the saliva. This technique will enhance saliva production and fight bad odor. In addition, drinking water at regular intervals helps prevent drying of mouth and bad breath.


  • Avoid stress. For one, stress and anxiety cause dryness in the mouth which can manifest as bad breath. Additionally stress wreaks havoc with the way food is processed both inside the mouth and in the gut as well. There is more decaying and putrefying of food due to stress.


  • Smoking and excess drinking can also cause bad breath so it is best to avoid it.



So the next time, you take a deep breath do not fear to exhale the fresh breath energy garnered from our home remedies for bad breath.



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Home Remedies For Bad Breath