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Home Remedies For Headaches

Headache symptoms

Headaches are as commonplace as a housefly in an unkempt house; with the pain accompanied by crippling discomfort, and symptoms of sorts. Home remedies for headaches detailed in the blog will comb through some tips to keep your system free from the irritants, which cause headaches. 


Headache home remedies – Home to natural healing


Headaches are of three types – the tension, the vascular, and the organic. The tension headaches are the most common with triggers including stress from noise, disturbance excessive worrying, and sorts. Vascular and organic headaches have more severe symptoms, with throbbing pain as in migraine (vascular) and; symptoms such as vomiting, visual disturbances along with excruciating pain etc. occur in organic headaches. Home remedies for headaches will help find solutions to the “tension” category of headaches and will spell less of side effects, compared to over-the-counter analgesics (pain-relievers).


Effective home remedies for headaches

•    Get physical. For most headaches erupting out of tension, physical exercise in the way of walking, jogging can help to beat the stress and dissipate the negative energy. So get into some physical activity, bust the stress, and beat the pain.

•    Try a coldpress on the eyes or on the region of pain to relieve the symptoms. If the coldpress doesn’t suit you, try applying a warm cloth on the forehead for about 30 minutes at a stretch and repeat the process by soaking it in warm water again.

•    Some of the essential oils such as peppermint oil can act as the one pep of a home remedy for headaches. Apply a drop of pepper mint oil on the temples and rub it in slow circular motions. However do not try this on children as too much of the oil has skin-burning properties.

•    A combination of rosemary and sage leaves also proves to be good for headaches. Rosemary has long been associated for it healing attributes namely as for its anti-inflammatory constituents. Steep equal quantities of sage and rosemary leaves in a cup of boiling water and drink the tea 2 – 3 times in a day.

•    A nicely done sachet of herbs and spices…does it taste yum? Yes it can be one of those tasteful home remedies for headaches. Mix a handful of dried rosemary, marjoram and mint, rose petals and lavender. Add a teaspoon of cloves to the mix and make it into a sachet. Keep the sachet in a dry place and use it for inhalation (by brining the bag near your nose) whenever called for.

Points of caution

•    Avoid the sun, especially if the headache is due to migraines.

•    Stay away from disturbances, such as noisy surroundings.

•    Avoid smoking, alcohol as they act as triggers for headaches. Caffeine too can be a trigger.

•    If the pain is persistent accompanied by regular vomiting, blurred vision, or coordination problems it is imperative to consult a doctor.

•    Pregnant women who are frequently struck by headaches should consult a physician before resorting to the remedies

Now that you are equipped with a few home remedies for headaches, unwind on a couch with your eyes closed, to breathe in the tips and feel better!

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Home Remedies For Headaches