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Home Remedies For Ulcers

Ulcer in the stomach

From the mild symptoms of heartburn to a severe pain shooting up through the food pipe, accompanied by nausea, vomiting in certain cases, ulcers have an iron grip on  the  “GI tract” . Read on to find out about home remedies for ulcer, before it gets you reeling for solutions. 


Ulcer Home remedies – Home to natural healing


Ulcer can be defined as the erosion on the surface of any organ and their most common occurrence is in the stomach, duodenum, and the intestine (in which case they are called peptic ulcers). Apart from food and lifestyle factors, ulcers are also caused by the H.Pylori bacteria, which eat up the protective mucous lining of the stomach thereby creating a hole. Vulnerability to ulcers increases with O blood group types, heredity factors along with a history of ailments such as liver diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and emphysema.

Ulcers can pose a serious problem if left unattended.

The home remedies for the condition can help subdue the symptoms, prevent ulcers from becoming lesions and forming tumor growths with the added advantage of not having side effects compared to conventional medicines.


Effective home remedies for ulcers


•    As mentioned, improper diet and lifestyle patterns can lead to ulcers. So, avoid food-irritants and too much of oil or spicy food, which would aggravate the problem. Go on small, frequent meals and do not starve.

•    Avoid stress. Stress tightens the brain to release chemicals, which do not spell favor for the digestive tract. Go for relaxation techniques such as breathing exercise and yoga to combat stress.

•    Bananas prove to be a good home remedy for ulcers. The fruit is rich in antibacterial properties, which can help to fight the H.pylori bacteria causing ulcers.

•    Garlic also comes in handy with its antibacterial properties in battling the ulcer-causing bacteria- H-pylori. Take 2 cloves of crushed garlic on a daily basis.

•    Aloe-Vera juice is also one of the effective home remedies for ulcers. Drinking aloe vera juice on an empty stomach can be soothing to the stomach.

•    Research has proved that drinking raw cabbage juice daily helps to heal ulcers. The recommended dosage is 1 quart if cabbage juice per day.

•    Plums have “plump” properties to fight ulcers. Therefore, it is with most red and purple colored fruits, which show potential in fighting the H. pylori bacterium.

•    Licorice root yet again steals the spotlight by being an effective home remedy for ulcer. The herb fortifies the mucous tissues of the stomach against damage caused by the gastric juice.

Points of caution

The above-mentioned home remedies are not applicable to pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants, and children below 12 years of age. In such cases, consult the medical practitioner before resorting to the home remedies.


A bit of tweaking in lifestyle and changes in dietary intakes along with the home remedies for ulcers, can soften up the symptoms, and prevent ulcers drilling a hole into normal living.

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Home Remedies For Ulcers