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Moms - Are you ready to go back to work?

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Moms- Are you ready to go back to work?

Making the decision to reenter the workforce is a very hard choice to make with a lot to consider. If you have the made the choice to reenter the workforce knowing that it will make you a better mom and a better person then let me Congratulate you on starting a new chapter of your life. It will be a very rewarding decision but can cause feelings of uneasiness, stress, feelings of being overwhelmed and well basically just pulling your hair out at times! How do I know? I'm a Mom. I have been in your shoes and can tell you that going back to work was the best decision for ME. The choice needs to be made for the right reasons. What is good for me might not work for you. As much as I enjoyed going back to work I have to admit it was a very rough few months. So, I want to make the transition smoother for other moms who will be adding another title to their identity.

Here are a few tips:

1. Calculate the cost of going back to work- Is it financially worth it?

2. Begin networking a few months before you make the move. Let everyone know when you will be looking for a job and what type of position you are looking for. You never know whom your friends and family will know?

3. Promote yourself - It's very hard for most people to talk highly about themselves. Start Today! While networking - promote yourself. It will help you on the interview process and your self-confidence. Some of the typical interview questions ask you to talk highly about yourself: Tell me about yourself? What are some of your strengths? What makes you different from other candidates? Are you prepared to answer these questions with confidence?

4. Play Catch up - Take a class to refresh your skills or learn new ones. Libraries and adult education programs at high schools and colleges offer continuing education classes that are local and inexpensive.

5. Are your expectations realistic? It's OK to take baby steps when reentering the workforce. Maybe, you will start off as a temp or working part-time. Freelancing or consulting are good options. You might start back at your career at a lower position with less pay. Be prepared. Realize, that you took time off from the workforce but not from a job. You have the most important job in the world. Being a mom is a full time job and there is a lot of expertise and skills you can take with you to your next position.

6. Prepare for the interview process. The interview process can be scary. Be prepared to talk about yourself. Mock interviews with a friend or family member are a great way to brush up on interview skills. Come dressed professionally to your mock interview. Tape yourself and Practice.

7. Do your homework. Reserach the company before you send a resume. Is this the type of company you want to work for? Are they family friendly? Is the commute too long? Do they offer a benefits package, Etc. Working Mother magazine offers a great list of family friendly companies.

8. Prepare for the first month back at work. It will be a very exciting time and overwhelming. You will have mixed feelings. You will ask yourself these questions:

Did I do the right thing ?

Can I handle my new job and being a mom?

Is it fair to my kids?

Does my husband agree with my choice?

Just remember, it's natural to feel a little confused about your decision, to feel scared or guilty. Your making a HUGE change in your life and that can cause feelings of guilt, uneasiness, fear, anxiety and even depression. Be prepared to have these feelings. Be self-aware of how you are feeling. Don't push your feelings aside, how you feel is very important. Keep a support system close at hand. Communicate with your family before you go back to work. Let them know how you are feeling, what choice you made and why. Let them discuss their thoughts and feelings. Your family is probably feeling confused and scared but they are proud of you and having a family discussion allows your family to be part of the decision process and can ease everyone's fear and confusion.

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Moms - Are You Ready To Go Back To Work?