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How To Calculate Cholesterol Ratio

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Before you learn how to calculate cholesterol ratio, you should know the types of cholesterol. The total amount of cholesterol is calculated by adding LDL (low density lipo protein and) and HDL (high density lipoprotein). HDL is known as “good” cholesterol while the LDL is known as bad cholesterol. Elevated LDL leads to many kind of heart related problems.  Here is a chance to learn how to calculate cholesterol ratio.



Blood Test


Blood test is the only way by which you can know your cholesterol levels.  Maximum 200mg/ DL of LDL or more than or minimum of 40mg/DL of HDL are considered normal levels of cholesterol.


Calculate Cholesterol Levels


To find the cholesterol levels, first you should know the total cholesterol. Consult your doctor and go for cholesterol test which is done using your blood sample.  With the result you can identify both the cholesterol levels HDL and LDL. After which you should divide the HDL level by the sum of cholesterol levels, this would give you the cholesterol ratio.


Cholesterol Ratio


For example, if you’re total cholesterol is 380mg per decilitre and HDL 90 mg per decilitre. Divide 380 by 90 which would give you 4.2. Your cholesterol can go high either with an increase in HDL or LDL. If your total cholesterol is high due to  HDL, then your health is not actually in danger; however, if it is high because of LDL, then immediately speak to your doctor. He would let you know the ways through which you can reduce LDL levels.  60mg/Dl of HDL is considered as a good level. But anywhere between 40 and 60 is okay.


Now you know how to calculate cholesterol ratio. Next you should know the ways to control it. Exercise and healthy eating is the key to maintain your cholesterol levels.


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How To Calculate Cholesterol Ratio