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Healthy Sleeping Positions


Healthy Sleeping Positions

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, it’s probably because you are not using healthy sleeping positions and hence not getting a peaceful night sleep. The result? You are grumpy and hence it’s natural people ask you if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But if you took care of your sleeping positions, you will save yourself the trouble of many ailments. Some of the complications you would get by adopting wrong sleeping positions are pain in the lower back and disc diseases.


Proper sleeping positions will enable you sleep well and wake up fresh the next day morning. However, if you are suffering from other sleep related illnesses like insomnia, it’s not because of your sleeping position. For that you would have to visit your doctor.


Here are some healthy sleeping positions


  • Sleep on your back as much as you can. It will always feel comfortable if you are sleeping in a flat bed. Another important advantage of this position is that your body is at ease and no body part is stressed in this position.
  • Sleeping sideways is perhaps the most common sleeping positions of all. It is found to put people to sleep in no time at all. Try to sleep with a straight back in this position and avoid sleeping on the left side. Because that is where your vital organs like liver and lungs are located and they will be stressed.
  • The least famous position among the lot is to sleep on your tummy. Although experts do not favor this position, there are lots of people who are super comfortable in this position. This position is considered to be bad because it puts pressure on your internal organs. And since you are hitting the bed after a meal (dinner, usually), sleeping in this position also hinders your digestive process.


Pick one of these sleeping positions that suit you and have a healthy sleep.


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Healthy Sleeping Positions