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10 Foods To Stop Lactation

When you cross over to another phase in life, you don’t like the carryovers for the new beginning. Similarly when you are weaned your child from breast milk, it will help you know about foods to stop lactation, so that you don’t have the dripping remnants of a phase crossed.


Here are 10 foods to stop lactation:

•    Cabbage leaves: Chilled cabbage leaves can be placed on the breast (supported by a bra) and is an effective food to stop lactation. A soothing remedy, which helps to decrease breast soreness, also helps in stopping breast milk production. It is preferred by some to use the leaves cut along the veins as it releases more moisture and adds to the cooling effect. The leaves are to be replaced once they get warm.

•    Parsley: Parsley has been a legacy food to stop lactation. And, it is convenient to use considering that it can be added to many foods and gels well with the indigenous flavor of the base dishes. The herb has been used since ancient times as a popular lactation food to stop breast milk.

•    Dry sage: Sage is another useful herb to stop lactation. Dry sage leaves can be steeped in tea and have six times a day(that is one cup of sage tea).

•    Herbs incense: Incense made of different herbs is effective in stopping lactation. This is a better alternative when the taste of certain herbs is not appealing. But you should be weary of not burning the incense near your baby as it might trigger reactions.

•    Yarrow: Native to Asia, America and Europe, yarrow is an effective food to stop lactation. The leaves can be steeped in tea, though it is advisable  to use this herb under medical prescription as there is tendency for some to develop allergic reactions.

•    Black walnut: Black walnut has always found a place in folk tale remedies to cure many an ailment. The edible parts of the tree include the nuts, the leaves, the inner bark and the nut hulls. This food to stop lactation is safe only if it is for short-term use.

•    Oregano: A popular herb rated high for its medicinal value and culinary uses, oregano can work wonders in reducing breast milk supply. It can be used for garnishing in myriad recipes, and chiefly in pizzas, pastas and roasted vegetables.

•    Chickweed:  Amongst the lactation foods to stop the production of breast milk, chickweed features in as a common hardy plant that grows all over the world. The herb is applied in homeopathic medicine and is popularly used in tea.

•    Peppermint: Like sage,  peppermint can also be eaten to stop breast milk production.

•    Sorrel:  A culinary herb whose leaves can be pureed to add to sauces or salads the herb has many medicinal properties and is an effective food to stop lactation. The herb has a strong flavor and should be used in minimal quantities.

•    Crushed Jasmine: Similar to cabbage, crushed jasmine can also be applied to the breast as this not only renders a cooling effect but also is affective food to stop lactation.

Amongst the foods to stop lactation, herbal teas have been observed to be the most effective to stop the production of breast milk and for the stronger varieties of herbs, which are known to produce side-effects, it is best to consult with your doctor before making a switch.

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10 Foods To Stop Lactation