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Travelogue - Delhi-Udaipur

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Carrying on from :

On Day 2, in the evening, we visit the Monsoon palace. The rulers (Maharanas) had palaces for different seasons...there's a Summer, a Winter and a Monsoon Palace at Udaipur.

Its an uphill drive...very scenic.

The view of the Monsoon Palace as we arrive there.


The front facade.                                      The sun-lit back side.

View of Udaipur city from the Monsoon Palace.


The dry vegetation on the hill.

Parakeets are abundant on the hills around Udaipur.

After sunset, we drive around town and then head straight for "Aapni Dhaani" on NH (National Highway) 8 to catch a glimpse of Rajasthani folk music and savour a full fledged Rajasthani Thali.

Chetak Circle - named after Maharana Pratap's favourite and India's most famous horse. A busy cross-section in Udaipur.

At Aapni Dhani, we relish a Rajasthani meal in the traditional way...we sit on the floor and eat with our hands.


Daal Baati Choorma                                    Rasgulla

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After the very heavy meal, we retire for the day. We have an early morning...have to drive to Ahmedabad.

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Ganesh.Dutta's picture
Great snaps .Showing the cultural, natural royalness of Great Heritage place -Udaipur..
AnjaliD's picture
The first pic is really good. Looks like you are really having a gala time traveling all over north India. Good for you.
Snigdha's picture
The view of Udaipur from the Monsoon Palace is simply great. Wonderful pictures. The parakeets are so cute!!!
nilanjanc's picture
Congratulations and Thanks a Ton for the FANTASTIC blog on your journey from one capital of the country to the other capital. I read the Day 1 and Day 2 like addicted. Recently I was in Udaipur for a day, though by Train, for a change. I visited all those placed you mentioned and your blog came as a good refresher. But I searched desparately for the Day 3, and still not found it. Have you posted it? If not, please do it, on reader's request, please. I am planning a similar trip from Del to Mum more or less the same reason, to get my car from Del to Mum. Your posts came as great motivator. I will wait for the remaining part of your journey to Mumbai...
vikas.kumar's picture
In case you do plan the trip, I'd be glad to offer any suggestions that you may want. I've obviously kept things short here but some other tips from our journey may be of help.
nilanjanc's picture
I forgot to congratulate you for the wonderful photos you have put up. Great Work indeed!
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks Nilanjan! I'm glad you like the blog. I've posted Day 1, Day 2-Part 1 and Day 2-Part 2. On Day 3, we left for Gandhi Nagar/Ahmedabad to be with a friend. On Day 4, we headed for Mumbai. I'm sorry, I just got a little laid back. I'll post Day 3 n 4 as soon.
nilanjanc's picture
Thanks Vikas, I'll wait for your post. I was planning something like this: Day 1: Del to Udaipur. Start at about 6.00 in morning. Plan to take the toll road all through, at the cost of scenic views, as you mentioned. Hope to reach then by 6 in evening. Day 2: Roaming around Udaipur, again... Its such a lovely city, I guess it'll be worth it. Day 3: Leave Udaipur at about 6 in morning and reach Surat by about 4, including the lunch break and all. I am getting blank here. Can you please suggest me something here, or may be some modifications in my plan? Thanks
antino david's picture
Great snaps .Showing the cultural, natural royalness of Great Heritage place,,,,,,The view of Udaipur from the Monsoon Palace is simply great. Wonderful pictures,,,,,,,its really good experince
vikas.kumar's picture
Thank You! Yes, the city is worth many visits, and the food (traditional Rajasthani Thali) is a unique, wholesome experience.
Travelogue - Delhi-Udaipur