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Travelogue - Udaipur-Ahmedabad

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Carrying on from

We start our day with the 'complimentary' breakfast at the roof top restaurant of our hotel, Jaiwana Haveli. Toast, masala omlette and fruit platter.

The City Palace is a minute's walk from our hotel. We obviously can't not go there. Its the second largest palace in India (after the Mysore palace). Entry fee : Rs.50 per person, Rs.200 per camera. We hire a guide. They charge Rs.100. Its advisable to keep one. His trivia on the little facts about Mewar culture makes the trip very interesting.

The Sun has a huge importance in the Mewar culture. They would worship the sun every morning and then proceed to have breakfast. On cloudy days, when it was not visible, they would worship this gold plated Sun decorated on the front wall of the palace.

The Mewar emblem.

Rana Udai Singh, after whom the city is named.

Some very innovative arms used by the Rajputs almost 400-500 yrs. ago.

Perhaps the most famous horse in India - 'Chetak'. He was Maharana Pratap's favourite. Seen here is his entire war-gear which weighed over 35 kgs. His master too carried around the same weight of iron on him. Maharana Pratap is said to have had so much strength that with one vertical blow, his sword could slice a man and his horse into two!

'Chetak' was made to wear a face gear that resembled an elephant's trunk. The reason : The Maharanas usually fought the Mughals and the latter relied heavily on trained elephants in their army. Chetak's fake trunk would make the Mughal's elephants take him as a baby elephant and hence they would not attack him!

The courtyard where the new Maharana (ruler) was felicitated.


The ladies were not allowed to be a part of the felicitation. They would watch the proceedings from these glass windows (the coloured glass was imported from China and Belgium).

Lakhu Gokhra - After his felicitation, the new Maharana would sit here and distribute silver coins to the poor.


Some palace doors are made of ivory!                     This chair was used by the Mewar                                                                             representative in meetings with the British.

A permanent 'chausar' and a chess board on the floor of one of the rooms.

Elephant fights provided great entertainment. This is a 'tug of war' where no blood was shed.

A charriot used by some of the latter Maharanas.

Maharanas' 'breakfast' room - all mirror n glass. More pictures at

Picture depicting a traditional indian kitchen. More photos at

A weighing scale used exclusively by the Maharanas.

A comfortable commode, custom made for Rana Bhupal Singh who injured his leg while riding a horse.

The Maharanas played Holi here with their friends and then proceeded to bathe.

The Queen's Palace. An exclusive section for the ladies. Today, its rented out for parties at Rs. 8 lakh a night!

The ladies' 'beauty parlour' with seating in the centre and mirrors on all the walls.

This is a Jewellery Box! No, not for the queen, but to keep the ornaments worn by the elephants and the horses.

A 'portable!' cage used to trap tigers.

View of the Taj Lake Palace Hotel from the City Palace, Udaipur.

A section of the palace forms the 'HRH' group of hotels run by the royal family.

On our way out my wife indulges in some shopping at the stores inside the palace premises. A bracelet made out of 'Panch Dhatu' or 5 metals. (Rs.300). Sarees made from banana leaves and bamboo. (Rs.450). Two interesting facts : If you want the saree to have a starched feel, just dry it in the Sun. If you want it soft, dry it in the shade! Also, no matter after how many years and in whatever could take even torn pieces of the whole saree back to them and you will get half your money back since your saree can be recycled.

It was hot and the 3 hr long trip of the palace was a bit tiring. We decide to take a nap and leave the rest of the sightseeing for the evening.

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tophergrace08's picture
it's like im back again watching indiana jones! nice pictures vikas! may i know what camera you use? how many pixel? did you add some special lens to your unit (camera)?
vikas.kumar's picture
Hi! Its a long blog and I'm inserting images in instalments (had a tough time leaving out quite a few). I'm glad you like the pictures though I don't use anything fancy. I have a panasonic mini dv camcorder which gives just 3.1 mega pixels for stills. I badly want to buy something better...may be upward of 7 megapixels and a camera that has a wider lens.
shantihhh's picture
Your photos are terrific, thank you for sharing them! Brings back many memories. Shanti/Mary-Anne
vandana's picture
Nice blog vikas. Rajashthan is definitely I would love to be on. Planning one soo. Anyway for now its great travelling with u and wife. Lovely pics.
tophergrace08's picture
that's too bad! w-200 is truly a nice digicam, my sister had it's predecessor which is the p-200. when i was buying a camera i asked for the p-200 but had the same experience of answer, sony already pulled out p-200 models and replaced it to w-200. it can be that sony replaced w-200 to another model? perhaps, with the same 200 series? but nonetheless, if you are going to buy a camera (digital), you should ask to know if the digicam could be installed with special lenses. believe me, you'll be loving the experience of your camera once you've installed the special lenses! that's a nice piece of sony you got there shantihh! i was going to buy the same unit for video but i opt for the traditional tape because as hard drives (even card memories) are easily broken by viruses that are so virulent in todays age. just a little precaution, for this units are really a bit expensive to invest on...
tophergrace08's picture
just checked sony's site in the us, it's true there isn't anymore models of w200 though there is a w300 and probably an upgrade of w200. i'm not sure however if this w300 is attachable by special lenses? from checking the site further more, i saw almost a dozen more of w's! and not 200's...better try ebay... i have a friend who's my neighbor too, got on ebay philippines a (almost) brand new digicam (a display unit) with some additional accessories included aside from the standard accessories (charger,memory,etc) and a gift cheque sony accessories voucher worth $50. even though the digicam was a display unit, it is still in perfect shape and looks really new. plus, it still comes with an international warranty and the date printed on the warranty started by the time my friend purchased the unit! it was a really good deal for my friend and did i mention that he got it for half the actual price?!
shantihhh's picture
Sony and Nikon both make great cameras as does Canon. The Nikon -80 is amazing! I have a couple o lenses for it. But I also love taking the Nikon Coolpix along for quick shots. and the Nikon D-80 is sweet! plus lenses. It is pricey but well worth it. I took an 8gig card full in Cambodia and Thailand in Dec. I had a12+ year oldCanon Elan Eros but it wasn't digital so it was time to upgrade to the real world. My first serious camera was a Nikon FG2 and I had 2 bodies and many lenses. Our son still has them, but we all now have Digital Nikons. He has a D-60 and also a small Nikon. Same with our daughter. It is kind of funny when we're all together so many great cameras snapping shots of food and kids. Shanti/Mary-Anne
tophergrace08's picture
you sure are a fan of nikon! well i guess, can't argue with nikon too! i'm a bit interested in your 12+ year old canon, does it have an additional tele-conversion lens? been thinking of investing on some of this classic pieces...are you interested in selling it? be glad to know :D. i do not know much about your model or much about cameras but is it a professional type? slr? what's the catch? any pro's and con's about it? been really planning to venture into photography and honestly, i've just recently bought a book about photography and another one for adobe basics. but haven't read them yet, been really busy, really busy.
vikas.kumar's picture
Thanks Shanti and Topher! That was quite an insight into digicams! I'll keep in mind all these valuable points when I go to buy one.
Snigdha's picture
Sarees made of Banana leaves and Bamboo!!! Am surely interested in those.
vikas.kumar's picture
I was amazed, too. The fabric made by processing banana and bamboo trees have a cotton like feel. Its also nice to know that the makers actually recycle old sarees.
tophergrace08's picture
you're most welcome vikas! :D
Travelogue - Udaipur-Ahmedabad