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Travelogue - Delhi-Udaipur-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

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We'd gone to Delhi to be with family. After our stay, my wife wanted to get her car to Mumbai. Instead of having it tansported, we decided to drive down. The trip was great fun and also an eye opener.

Got our car papers in order just the previous day- Insurance extended, Pollution Under Control Certificate renewed. We leave Dwarka, New Delhi at 5.15 a.m. I'm behind the camera, ready to go behind the wheel. Alto...Lets Go!

We take NH-8. Since the Delhi-Jaipur highway is familiar terrain, Raavi opts to drive. We swap seats in Gurgaon. The roads are in excellent condition. We both manage to keep consistently high speeds. She sticks to 90-95 km/hr. I hover around 110-115.

If the drive upto Jaipur was a dream (we do around 250 kms in 3 and a half hrs), the road ahead was even better. The 4-lane now turns into a 6-lane. We stop for tea n biscuits and then move on. With the straight, empty roads, all you have to do is press the pedal and sit back and you wont have to do much for well over a hundred kms...can get a bit boring...

After Kishangarh, the 6-lane turns into a 2-lane with a sudden increase in the no. of trucks on the road. We're a bit disappointed...but this lasts for only a few kilometers. Then on till Udaipur, though its a 2-lane-no divider road with regular turns, its a very scenic drive and there's almost no traffic.

Unfortunately, there are not too many good restaurants/dhabas on the way. The few that are there were shut (probably coz its not really peak tourism season). We stop at this place called Rajshri Resort...don't eat much...just a veg sandwich and carry on...

Raavi bites into her sandwich...

...while I straighten my back.

Loved this milestone. Seems like the handywork of someone very passionate about being from Deogarh (Rajasthan).

Its the harvesting season. A farmer's family gets busy.

Rana Kadaa Ghaat - Its believed that it was here that in 1582, Maharana Pratap (probably the most famous Rajput warrior/ruler) won a battle against Mughal emperor Akbar's army.

We arrive in Udaipur at around 4.45 p.m., well before expected and head straight to our hotel. Need to freshen up after the 11 hour-700 km drive.

Jaiwana Haveli - Our hotel in Udaipur. Its located on the eastern bank of Lake Pichola.

Our room. It usually goes out for Rs. 3600 coz its a lake-view room. Since its almost end of tourism season, we were lucky to pay only 1200!

View of the Taj Lake Palace from our room.

The Taj Lake Palace Hotel, in the centre of Lake Pichola. Guests have to make prior reservations and are ferried to the hotel by boats. 

Jag Mandir. The palace was raised by Maharana Karan Singh to serve as a hiding place for Prince Khurram, popularly known as Shah Jahan (the mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal). Between 1620 and 1628, Maharana Karan Singh ruled the region and during this period Prince Khurram revolted against his father.

Also the venue of Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon's wedding.

Right across our window was Lake Pichola, surrounded by havelis and heritage hotels.

For dinner we went to Jagat Niwas, another heritage hotel next to ours.

We dined at the roof top restaurant- some cocktails, simple Veg Kofta, Dal and Roti. More than the food, its the view that one enjoys, of the Lake Palace and Jag Mandir.

Perfect post dinner entertainment - Puppet Show. You can watch the video here

We'd first thought of proceeding to Mumbai the next day but one can't come to Udaipur and not go around. We decide to stay for another day.

For more on the trip :

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this is an awesome blog. i would have loved to be on this trip. great pics. what did you guys eat by the way. i have to do this trip someday. while you guys were driving in rajasthan, i did my own little trip in baja california, mexico. will update here soon
vikas.kumar's picture
We had regular stuff while we were on the road, wanted to go easy on our stomach. Also, there wasn't much available on the highway...atleast till Udaipur. While at Udiapur, we savoured the most wholesome Rajasthani Thali. Here's the link Rajasthani Thali.
vandana's picture
That's a beautiful blog vikas. A great guide for the roadies. My husband and I love to travel my road and have done quite a few trips. Visakhapatnam-Mumbai, Visakhpatnam -Kerala and then to ooty are some of the trips we have truly enjoyed by road. There are quite a few of the Reliance A1 plazas all along from Visakhapatnam to Kerala and so we enjoyed eating some good clean food. The plazas all built in the same style provide good basic facilities to the road traveller. There are quite a few on the Highway and so adds to the pleasure of your trip.
vikas.kumar's picture
God knows for what reason, but ALL the A1 plazas on our way were shut. We were a bit disappointed as thats where we'd planned to eat.
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
Excellent coverage of heritage tour.....i am eagerly waiting for next part!
tophergrace08's picture
Wow! from seeing the pictures, it's like i'm riding in the back seat! you just gave me an idea vikas! i'll be doing the same thing when i'm gone for a road trip!
vikas.kumar's picture
I generally try and avoid posting stuff other than on food...but this trip was a good insight into probably just a fraction of what India has to offer in terms of heritage and culture. Also, I've covered food in the other blogs...the content was too much for one. Looking forward to knowing more about your country...
shantihhh's picture
I really enjoy reading of the history and culture of various places, and photos and videos are terrific way to see and learn more. Cultures and cuisines are intertwined! This little glipse of Udaipur is wonderful and for us brings back lovely memories of our trip there. It is such a romantic place. Loved your photos!!!! Shanti/Mary-Anne
Snigdha's picture
Wonderful pictures. You sure had a great time on the tour! Its so fascinating to read, see, learn and experience our culture.
admin's picture
Amazing coverage of Udaipur. Your trip sounds so interesting. I am tempted to go this spring. With Regards, Admin
Ramandeep's picture
Hi !I'm planning to do delhi -Ooty,over a few days.Could you tell me if Naseerabad (Near Ajmer)- baroda would be better via Ahmedabad or vis NH-79 which goes South from Naseerabad?
TAPAN SUR's picture
On 1st May I drove in my new Honda Brio Delhi/Nashik & back Nashik/Delhi.Details:started on 1stMay at 04:29am from Delhi,reached Jaipur 09:00am,Chittorgarh15:15pm,Indore21:00pm,Dhar22:37pm rested in Dhar MP tourism beautiful rest house,started 0n 2ndMay at 07:43am from Dhar & reached Nashik on the same day at 14:10pm covering total distance of 1267km's.On my way back started from Nashik on 8thMay at 05:01am reached Baroda at14:30pm,Ahmedabad 16:12pm rested the night in Ahmedabad,departed from Ahmedabad on 9thMay at 04:52am,reached Himatnagar at 06:20am,Udaipur10:52am,Jaipur23:00pm rested the night in Jaipur departed on 10thMay from Jaipur at 05:00am & reached Delhi 11:30am covering 1435km.Throughout the beautiful journey & good highway,I clicked an average of 50km's/hour speed which gave me 17km's/litre fuel .While going to Nashik I paid Rs.939 in 21 Tolls,& returning paid Rs.697 in 17 tolls.
Travelogue - Delhi-Udaipur-Ahmedabad-Mumbai