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6 Foods That Can Cure Garlic Breath

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We love to eat garlic for its aroma and health benefits, but we try to avoid as it leaves us with a  strong garlicky breath. You can definitely eat your favorite bulb anytime and anywhere, all you need to do is eat any of the 6 foods that can cure garlic breath.  Try these foods to avoid garlic breath and enjoy garlic food all the time.


Milk is the most effective food in breaking down garlic breath. A glass of milk drunk before or during a meal will banish the effect of garlic flavors to a great extent. It is the fat of the milk that does not let the flavors of garlic stay on. Hence prefer whole milk over skimmed milk.


It is rich in phenol that helps ward off garlic breath. However only when spinach is cooked with garlic, it is an effective food to avoid garlic breath. Eating a spinach dish along with garlic food might also be effective.


Green Tea
Drinking green tea before a garlic meal or sipping in between is effective in kicking off garlic breath.


Apple is considered an effective food in keeping hygiene of the mouth. Eat an apple after a garlic meal and it will cleanse away all garlic odors.


Basil and Mint
Fresh mint and basil leaves work great on garlic breath. Chew few fresh leaves after meal.

Eating fresh parsley leaves help in banishing garlic breath. Chew one spring in between meal or garnish your garlic dish with fresh finely chopped parsley leaves. Alternatively use parsley in all garlic dishes. Only fresh parsley is an effective food to avoid garlic breath, dry leaves will not serve the purpose.

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6 Foods That Can Cure Garlic Breath