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Travel Plans For The Culinary Mind

If your wanderlust spirit conjoins with the culinary mind you have the gastronome steering for an around-the-world cruise with "Captain Cook" visiting the culinary Mecca’s of the globe and enjoy the diversity of taste and the vibrancy of the culture, seeping through the culinary wonders of each region. So what should be the travel plans for the culinary mind?

A gastronome touches the pinnacle of fulfillment only if he/she sets off to explore and discover the novelty and diversity of myriad culinary destinations, which rejoice the sense of being unique yet part of the universal sense of taste, evolved from geography, ethnicity and the individuality in a confluence of creative culinary wonders.

So if you have your back-pack ready to set off on your culinary expedition around the world, let us help you chart out the travel plans for the culinary mind, with a list of top destinations which are a must visit for the ultimate gastronomic experience.

•    Mexico

The Aztecs’ influence and the Spanish touch  brought out the new breed of  Mexican cuisine which epitomizes passion in cooking. The papadzules made of the versatile tortillas with chopped hard-boiled eggs, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds, topped by tomato sauce or the cochinita pibil, glorifying the pork in a pit-roasted form, Mexico is a must include in the travel itenary of the culinary mind.

•    Sonoma

Located in the wine-famous San Francisco, Sonoma is full-fledged to titillate the taste-buds and also appease them to the ultimate satisfaction. Apart from the cheese and dewy grapes, which form the basics of dining, the place is popular for dicing, flambéing, and nibbling.

•    France

The French emanate passion in whatever they do, so it is with their cuisine pronouncing the typical saying that ‘Love is in the air, perforating through the French cooking’. Of the most popular French delicacies, there is the pata negra ham that has to be savored in the strictest gustatory sense for breakfast, without leaving out the French local cheese. Burgundy’s Cote D’or is the place where you can drink a wine to the lees and blush with youth.

•    Japan

Far East, this Asian sub continent has more to offer than the discipline of culture or the immaculate societal set up. There is the Tsukiji Fish market and the regional specialty in the way of hand-made soba noodles. Hiroshima is famous for its local delicacy okonomiyaki (savory pancakes). Sake breweries, an emblem of perfect brewing and Hidu beef is again a delicacy in all aspects, towers over the tourist in Takayama.

•    New Orleans

A confluence of the Spanish, French, Italian, African, Native American, Cajun, Creole, and Cuban cuisines, New Orleans offers the perfect blend of the two worlds with regional specialties such as boudin, etouffée, mirliton, beignet, which is why the place is a highlight when you are going on a culinary pilgrimage.

•    Syria

A pronounced touch of the middle east cuisine, Syria has evolved with its own individual flavors with the use pomegranate molasses (sweet-tangy flavor) featuring in syrian specialties such  as kebabs of dried fruits and meat balls. Here ice creams are coveted for their chewy texture, as they are specially made of powdered orchid tubers. The Syrian capital Damsascus is famous for its flaky baklava.

•    Italy

“All roads do not lead to Rome”, but all culinary routes do pass via Rome, as Italy stands out over and above its flagship dishes of pasta and opizza. There are the Italian breads, antipasti , soups, cutlets (meat, poultry, pork lamb) the snacks and the fritters, and of course not missing out on the desserts such as the Fritelle, Cemcni and other fried delights.

•    Morocco

Donned in royal history, the kingdom of Morocco presents the royal touch even in its cuisine. Greatly influenced by the Arabic presence in the past, the Moroccan cuisine signifies novelty and variety in the way of dishes such as chicken and pear stew in a tagine; and caviar d’aubergine. Morocco is not only a cultural wonder but also a gastronome’s milestone in a culinary pilgrimage as well.

•    Singapore

Can anything get more cosmopolitan than Singapore? The Chinese, Indian and Malay flavors all on a platter with fish-head curry, stewed turnips, grilled stingray, spring rolls all awaiting you even at the local market stalls. So the next time you bump into Singapore go not for the shopping alone but also to explore your culinary mind traveling through the blend of cultures.

•    Greece

The typically Mediterranean authentic and unique, the Grecian cuisine is a reflection of the culture of Greece, preserved through the landmarks of history or the power of the Greek Gods. The Grecian delicacies are like the Olympian height of gastronomy fulfilled because right from the Patsas(sups eaten for breakfast) to Matsichas (agricultural product), you have the Ouzo as a popular local drink to be savored with sea food.

The places listed above helps with the travel plans for a culinary mind, but to explore as if there aren’t any frontiers would lead you to novelties, which in an otherwise shrinking world would simply become obsolete. So what you need is the spirit to travel and the daringness to taste the new, and simply get started!

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Travel Plans For The Culinary Mind