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How To Get Rid Of A Beer Belly - On Your Way To Perfect Abs

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To turn this beer belly to toned abs!Is your expanding midrib telling you that you have had too much beer and that its high time you figured out How To Get Rid Of A Beer Belly - On Your Way To Perfect Abs? Then I guess it is high time you gave that bursting beer belly some attention! For beer lovers the beer belly is an inevitable consequence.  Wait, don’t get disheartened! With a little persistence and hard work the perfect abs will be yours. Let me help you with some suggestions. 




  • OBVIOUSLY reduce your beer intake!!! Cut it down guys and gals!! The ale has to be given a farewell as soon as you can.


  • Get to your doctor and then a dietician as soon as you can. Get a medical check-up done and “listen to” what the doctor has to say about your sugar and cholesterol levels. Next, go to a dietician who will help you make an accurate assessment of your health and needs.


  • Now start on a healthy diet recommended to you by the dietician or find one that suits you the best. Just make sure that there is a balanced intake of all the required nutrients. You obviously will have to lower your fat intake. If your metabolism is slow then you should cut down on your carbohydrate intake also and ensure to increase your non-fatty protein intake!


  • Now its time to get tougher with your self because it is exercise time!!!  We will get to your abs later but first you need to start on cardiovascular exercise.  Running, fast walking, and weight-lifting are a few cardiovascular exercises you can start on. These exercises help you loose visceral fat and keep your body in good condition.  


  • You can now focus on your abs and pick up some exercises that will help you flatten and tone your ab muscles.  Ab crunch, sit-ups , reverse crunch, Ball Crunch and Bicycle Crunch Exercises are a few of the exercise that you can fit into your schedule. You can do them at home or your gym.


  • When exercising, give particular attention to the TVA  or Transverse Abdominus- A simple set of muscles that are hiding and lying idle right below that bulging beer belly of yours. It is the muscle that works when you pull your tummy in when trying to fit in to your old jeans. An easy way to exercise your TVA would be to place a finger just above your belly button and then slowly take in a deep breath. Hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds and slowly let your breath out while your finger is still placed over the belly button. In time you will be able to figure out which your TVA is from touch alone and then you can squeeze your ab muscles while holding your belly in.


Try all these persistently and remember that initialy the progress will be slow as the abdominal fat is usually very hard to lose! Best of luck!

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How To Get Rid Of A Beer Belly - On Your Way To Perfect Abs