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How To Treat Acne At Home

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To the modern day women, acne is a growing concern. Though for mild acne, we may not always fuss about going to the dermatologists, we do get affected every morning when we see them. Treat acne at home easily and effectivelyAn easy and effective solution to this dilemma is to know how to treat acne at home. Acne can be easily and naturally cured at home. While the natural or home remedies are numerous, here are the top five acne treating agents:

•    Water:
Water is the best way of treating acne at home. It clears the extra oil that our skin produces. At the same time, it also prevents our skin pores from clogging, thereby, giving you a clean and clear, acne free skin.

•    Honey:
Honey acts as a great natural remedy for quite a lot of problems – acne being just one of them. Honey has a huge amount of antibacterial properties and hence, is often used for disinfecting the acne causing bacteria. It also heals minor blemishes, adds a special glow to your skin and makes you look younger. Apply honey on the pimples or acne before going to bed and then cover it up. You can vast difference within just twelve hours.

•    Strawberry leaves:
Strawberry leaves also act as a great anti-acne remedy. The natural alkaline properties that the strawberry leaves contain reduce the inflammation on your skin (caused by the acne) gently and smoothly. To make an effective anti-acne solution out of the strawberry leaves, wash them well so as to clean off any chemicals that may have been present due to the applied insecticides. Then, soak the leaves in warm water for about five minutes and then place them on your face.

•    Baking Soda:
Though not very conventional-sounding, baking soda in reality, offers an effective solution to your acne problems. Baking soda actually works as an exfoliating agent on your skin, thereby cleaning the surface area that clogs pores. To make an effective solution of baking soda, simply make a paste of it by adding enough water and then apply it on your blemishes. Leave it on your skin for some time and let it dry and scrub it off later.

•    Toothpaste:
Another unconventional, yet effective method of treating acne at home is by using toothpaste (the traditional ones and not the gel types). Blemishes or acne is usually caused by the extra sebum underneath your skin. It is this sebum that the toothpaste targets and helps to dry up, thereby giving you a clear, blemish-free skin. Simply apply the toothpaste directly on your blemishes and see the effect by the next day morning.

Thus, the top five ways of treating acne at home are mentioned. There are other natural remedies as well, but these are the most readily available options. Acnes often give sleepless nights to women, especially the teenagers. Just try any one of these home remedies and see for yourself how quickly and easily you have a solution to all your sleepless nights and a key to a glowing, clear and acne-free skin.

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How To Treat Acne At Home