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How To Lower High Cholesterol At Home?


how to lower cholesterol at home - and keep going smooth

Your heart doesn’t pulsate well being, if the cholesterol levels are high. With the rising awareness about health and heart, the heart of well-being and the art of cooking are well related. How to lower high cholesterol at home? 



Cholesterol has very much become a kitchen-hold name that moms and wives and even men are conscious about keeping their cholesterol at level. Though it is required to perform many vital functions in our body, a high-level of cholesterol in the blood for a prolonged period can prove to be a killer, as it clogs the arteries, thereby, affecting the heart’s performance.

What is cholesterol and why is it important and if your cholesterol levels are abnormal, what are the home-remedies to lower high cholesterol?

Cholesterols are a type of sterols naturally occurring in animal tissues (though present in trace quantities in plants as well). Cholesterol is supplemented by our diet in very minimal quantities only about 15% and our body (the liver to a large extent, with contribution from the small intestine) is the primary manufacturer of the sterols.

 These fats combine with the proteins present in our body to form lipoproteins (which are carriers of other fatty-based substances in the blood-stream). Our body needs cholesterol to convert it into vitamin D(in the presence of sunlight),  for cell-insulation (against temperature fluctuations in the body),  hormone-synthesis (the sex-hormones, especially estrogen, progesterone, testosterone etc).

What is bad cholesterol?

As a lipid, cholesterol doesn’t gel with water(the blood)  so excess can go deposit itself in the arteries leading to heart disease. The bad cholesterol is the LDL (low-density lipoproteins which are denser with fats, and low in proteins) whereas the HDL or high –density lipoproteins are high in protein content and low in fats(which also aids in cleansing the arteries of the LDLs).

When you are looking for ways on how to lower high cholesterol at home, it’s the LDL you are targeting.

Here are a few tips on keep your bad cholesterol at level :

•    Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet(instead of meat), which are a rich source of nutrients can do a good deal of cleansing to your body.

•    Aim for increasing your good cholesterol or HDL as this lipoprotein aids in ridding of the ‘bad-guy’ , you could improve your HDL levels through aerobic exercise, jogging or walking after due-consultation with your physician.

Let us move on to some foods, which can significantly subdue the ‘bad-guy’ -

•    Onions : Their astringent taste and strong flavor are a base for many recipes. Onion juice extracts are excellent blood –purifiers and also play a key role in reducing cholesterol.

•    Olive oil and Rice bran Oil: This shining and shimmering beauty bears a load of health –benefits. Toss up your salad in olive oil and lo! You can have wonders working on your body in no time. No wonder, olive oil is termed good for your overall system. To go with the queen is the newly coronated king(used as the base-oil for cooking) in the way of rice-bran oil, which significantly improves your HDL.


how to lower cholesterol at home - with the essence of garlic

•    Garlic : Eat it raw or crushed(a pod) in water or milk, this strong, wonder spice can reap a lot of health benefits apart from lowering cholesterol. Garlic is one of the best home-remedies in lowering cholesterol.

•    Fenugreek seeds : A spoonful of fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in a quart of water, and eaten on empty stomach the next morning will not only refresh your digestive system but also flush out the cholesterol toxins from your body. Naturally, it answers ‘ how to reduce high cholesterol at home?’.

•    Coriander seeds : Take a handful of coriander seeds and add it to water. Bring this water to a boil, and then allow it simmer for sometime. This decoction helps to rid your body of  the LDL(‘bad-guy’), apart from optimizing kidney-functioning.

•    Sunflower seeds and Flax seeds : Sunflower seeds have a compound called linoleic acid, which is vital for reducing the bad cholesterol in the blood capillaries. Crunching on a spoonful of sunflower seeds can do a ‘pot of good’ . So is the case with flax seeds. Apart from giving inputs to your brain (omega-3 fatty acids and tryptophan), flax seeds can reduce your bad cholesterol.

•    Water : Water the natural healer, a coolant, antacid, digestive and a solvent. Drinking about 8 - 10 glasses of water a day can keep your health condition at an optimal level. This will help to flush out toxins from the body and consequently cleanse your system in and out 

Now, there is less reason for alarm if high-cholesterol resounds in your household, gagging the ‘heart-of-life’, as you have quite a few answers on how to reduce high –cholesterol at home.

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How To Lower High Cholesterol At Home?